The finishing touch

All hail S/S’s most-coveted accessories

spring summer accessories

Words: Rosie Goddard | Photographs: Francois Visser | Styling: Mandy Nash

This season’s accessories have returned me to my 5-year-old magpie self – I’m instantly drawn to anything shiny, oversized, brightly coloured or tasseled. Embroidered bags fill me with an all-consuming infatuation, and I often picture the walk-in wardrobe of my dreams bursting with embellished shoes, feathered fringing, and 30 pairs of different but the same tortoiseshell sunglasses.

Perhaps it’s how sunglasses can make you feel ready to face the world, or how a pair of talk-of-the-town earrings can turn a simple outfit from well-dressed, to best dressed in the room. Whichever it is for you, there’s no denying the confidence-boosting factor of our favourite finishing touches, and how they allow us to peacock at a level that feels just right for us.

Look to our selection of soon-to-be summer’s best accessories, and find the peacocking level that feels right for you.

The athleisure corset

The athleisure corset

You can thank: Balenciaga, Balmain, and Kim Kardashian

Why you’ll want it: Because of what it stands for now. Once a tool used to suppress the female form, the corset has reclaimed the spotlight once again and has subverted its own narrative, now worn as an outward symbol of female power rather than oppression. Wear it in a way that feels right for you – over a dress, long-sleeved tee or logo jersey.

Peacocking level: 8

The statement sandals

The statement sandals

You can thank: Marc Jacobs, Miu Miu and Proenza Schouler for adding a punk touch to platforms for S/S.

Why you’ll want them: They’re unapologetically bold, which is confidence boosting itself, and their punk-rock attitude will lend a little grit to other parts of your outfit. Add them to ruffles or gingham, and they’ll work hard to help the fabrics lose-their prim-and-proper reputation.

Peacocking level: 10

High-shine embellishment

High-shine embellishment

You can thank: Saint Laurent, Alexander Wang

Why you’ll want it: High-shine disco jewellery’s come down to earth this season, in a way that doesn’t lose its Diana-Ross-does-Studio-54 edge. Team your chainmail choker and oversized hoops with a few workwear ensembles, and you’ll see how a matching suit is taken to new levels of sleek.

Peacocking level: 6

The shades


You can thank: Prada and Miu Miu for reworking classic shapes, and Versace and Christian Dior for bringing back the aviator.

Why you’ll want them: Because they’ll pull your look together in an instant. S/S’s designs celebrate textures like tortoiseshell and studs, as well as bold new shapes. Get different pairs to elevate different outfits, whether you’re commuting to work or putting together your best brunch look.

Peacocking level: 7

The embroidered handbag

The embroidered handbag

You can thank: Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana and Alexander McQueen

Why you’ll want it: Thanks to its exotic contrast of faux snakeskin and floral embroidery, this handbag is bound to have people asking where you got it – a major contributor to its feel-good factor. Don’t let it get lost in the rest of your outfit and team it with something paired back, like all-black, or this blush-coloured look.

Peacocking level: 9

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