Currently Coveting: The Prettiest Purse

You might not know that you need this yet, but you do

eyelet sling bag

There are two types of stylistas: early adopters who are already on the lookout for a sling like this and laggards who are going to scramble like they’re about to get voted off Survivor island when it’s nearly sold out everywhere.

The perfect casual crossbody purse in just the shade for the season. This is the type of bag you may not realise you need, until the critical moment where you need to set a light jacket or shoes off and the completeness of your look fully depends on it. The former type of stylista might also be aware of the importance of a wardrobe that stays ready to serve every occasion, and that these aren’t the bits to simply let slide.

And the slowpokes… we hope there is stock left by the time you realize this is just the accessory to hit all your marks for the next couple of seasons; it’s white – which is the hue dujour and with its minimalist faux-leather finish, it’s quite the sophisticated type of casual. Plus, you’ll score extra points for the broad strap that taps into the industrial streetwear trend that was first seen with Heron Preston’s FW17 Paris Fashion Week collection, later Off-White’s extra-long belts and more recently with Louis Vuitton’s SS18 accessories. 

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