7 Spring Essentials for Men

Style basics to unlock the best of the sunny season

Even though there's less to work with, spring – like any season, really – still requires your full style participation. And because laziness (and ignorance) is a real thing, a lot of guys seem to think that all that means is simply shedding the winter outerwear, instead of giving your wardrobe the necessary remodelling. 

Two words: fake news.

We’re here with seven basics to get you on your way to being the best version of yourself this season. 

Yellow swim shorts

It will soon be sunny skies and beach and/or pool days, and no matter how frugal you're planning on being this season, fresh swimshorts are a must. Your denim cutoffs really won’t cut it: it doesn’t matter that you don’t swim much, just get a pair of lightweight shorts cut above the knee and feel that breeze. 

Black VANS

Peak comfort in a durable canvas construction, if the classic Vans low tops aren’t already a staple in your collection of summer sneakers, they should be. The breathable fabric ensures you stay cool in the heat, while the sleek silhouette holds down most of your casual looks – from shorts and tees to short-sleeve shirts and chinos.

VANS sunglasses

You may not be on your Donald Trump or Joey Badass during a solar eclipse, but sunglasses are a key accessory even when it’s not that sunny. Come correct and get your UV protection on, Quentin Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs style in these Vans Spicoli shades.

Camo print cap

Camo is a classic print, no doubt, but it’s back topping the trend popularity ranks this season. Add extra detail to monochrome black and grey looks or denim and tees. And if you’re about it, commit to the incognito vibes with a pair of dark shades.

Insulated water bottle

It may be thirst trap season, but that doesn’t mean you should clock every double tappable bae. So, here’s an insulated bottle for those moments of restraint when you opt to scroll past and sip a cool beverage instead.

VANS backpack

Leave nothing behind, from your beach day starter pack, to work day essentials and everything in-between. Black with a bold print, this backpack has a large main compartment, a front zip and plenty of space to hold everything you need to carry. 

Denim shorts

Denim shorts are the any time, any place throw-on-and-go summer essential. Only one rule to remember with these, though: make sure your knees and ankles are moisturised.

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