How To Make An Impression

Two pairs of shoes to ensure that you get a second date

First Impressions Last

Dating in 2017 is no easy business. You’ve got to be interesting, while showing that you’re interested, but also not too much, so dial it back a bit. 

You’ve got to upsell yourself, but also not oversell yourself, while you also have to “just be yourself”. Remember to act cool, be funny, and show the greatest self-restraint possible by not reverting to bad habits and casually checking your phone. Like I said, dating can be tough, probably because people struggle these days to just be chilled around strangers, and so all this effort is exerted in managing the interactions. It’s a slow-motion panic-attack while trying to pull.

The flip side to all this is that these days it’s very easy to look your best for the first date: determine the type of date, start at your feet, and work upwards. First impressions matter, and the quality of your shoes are a major determinant of that. You can rock up in stylish branded streetwear or a crisp suit, but if your sneakers or dress shoes are crummy, then you’re done for.

We suggest two simple styles: the chunky boot and the leather brogue. If you’re going on an outdoor walk, to a daytime market, or a city adventure, then go with the former. A pair of Caterpillars or Timberlands adds a much-needed edge to an otherwise overly respectable rolled jeans and chunky knit outfit. If you’re going on a dinner date, for cocktails, or any other boujee experience, you need to equip yourself with brown brogues. Forget sneakers with your suit, you can save that for later. For now, wear your smart shoes with fitted jeans or slim off-colour chinos, along with a crisp shirt covered with either a smart sports jacket or blazer. You’ve got the look, now get that second date (and seriously, stop worrying about how to act, you’ve got this k?).

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