Video: A Women's Month Wishlist

Find out what we're really wanting

Videography by Carlo Delport

Women’s Day tends to be treated like most other holidays, and that’s a problem. Celebrating women is important, but marking the occasion just like we would Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day or a birthday simply doesn't make sense: 9 August has a very specific history that shouldn’t be erased, and the way in which the womanhood is reduced to represent one specific type of person is problematic.

This Women’s Month, we decided to get real about what we’re wishing for.

After all, it isn't impossible to make good use of the (albeit fleeting) focus on the needs of femmes, and the problem isn't all a result of oversimplifying the issues that women face and trying to solve them once yearly with spa vouchers. But it does mean insisting, all year round, that we won't be settling for mere survival.

Read more from the interviewees in our Women's Month series as they drop throughout August: 

Neo Baepi, Photographer.

Buhle Ngaba, Actress, Author and Superbalist 100 winner. 

Jana Babez, Artist. 

Hana Sho, Model and Photographer. 

Hannah Deall, Group Account Director.

Alison Rachel, creator of Recipes for Self Love. 

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