Meet Hana Jayne Sho

What the model and photographer wants for Women's Month

Photography: Neo Baepi

This Women's Month, Hana Jayne Sho wants an educational safe space where women can learn to speak up. Hana wants to feel safe wherever she is. She doesn't want to feel like she ever has to cover up a certain part of her body. She doesn't want to feel like she's weak. She doesn't want to feel scared. Hear more from Hana after the jump. 

Hana Jayne Sho

Who’s a woman you look up to?

Petra Collins is an amazing fashion photographer. and a big female role model to me.

What do want younger girls to know?

I want them to know that they can be who they are. That they can wear what they want. And that there’s nothing expected of them that isn’t expected of men

Do you think that attitudes towards women have changed since you were younger?

Definitely. I think that they’ve changed for the better – not a lot, but there’s progress. Women in this generation are powerful as they are. We’re realising that, and are grappling with their potential to break down norms.

What does South Africa gets wrong about the way that they celebrate Women’s Day?

South Africa gets it wrong by putting out all of these pink hearts, and chocolate boxes, and pink gowns, for women’s husbands to buy for them and bring home… It’s just awful. Just the way that pink is this “woman’s colour”...

All I want this Women’s Day is…

A box of cigarettes.

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