Meet Hannah Deall

A new mom that just wants a bit more sleep

Photographs: Neo Baepi

With more options available to women nowadays, with no real expectation of being a stay-at-home mom or the stereotype of a working woman, Hannah Deall feels that there’s a grey area somewhere in between, and that women have a lot more power and have been empowered to shape their own future.

You can hear more from Hannah, her hopes for her daughter and her dreams for the future, after the jump. 

Hanah Deall

What do you think that we still need to work towards changing for women?

The definition of “strength” and “femininity”. Often strength is synonymous with masculinity but a strong woman is one of the most powerful things that you can be. We shouldn’t be differentiating that as a masculine thing.

Has becoming a mom changed the way you think about being a woman?

I’m very aware of the pace of life, especially in the digital age, and how my child’s future’s going to be very different to mine. It’s a bit daunting at times: you don’t know how to predict it, you’ve just got to be aware and on your guard I think.

What’s one thing that you want to be very sure that your daughter knows?

I’d like her to feel that she has a space in the world and that she has a voice. So regardless of her age or her gender, she should demand respect from people. That she is a valid part of society and that she has a chance to make change and impact other people’s lives.

How can we use Women’s Day positively?

I do love that it’s a day to make sure that women are acknowledged and celebrated. Women are so often self-sacrificial and willing to put everything before themselves. It’s perhaps become a bit of a gimmicky way that we do that: women are a lot more than manicures, flowers and chocolates. We’re far more multi-dimensional than that, and could increase the diversity of how we approach the day.

What do women need less of?

Judgement, especially of each other. I think that judgement in the workplace can be a big one, if you’re perceived as being too forthright or too bullish. A man wouldn’t get that same crit. Women need to celebrate each other’s successes.

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