Meet Alison Rachel

An illustrator with the recipes for self love

Photography: Neo Baepi

Struggling with her mental health, Alison Rachel tried researching how women practiced self-love, but couldn’t find any resources. So she decided to make one herself with that Recipes for Self-love was born.

“I just contacted a whole bunch of people who identify as women, and asked them to write down a recipe, a practice, a meditation… Something that they did to make them feel good, and put it together in a book. I started the Instagram page to promote the zine, but it’s become a whole thing on its own.”

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Womens Month profile

Other than the obvious, what do you hope women get from your project?

A sisterhood and camaraderie. We live in a world that benefits from women seeing each other as competition and pitting themselves against each other. Whereas if you change the narrative to seeing us as people on the same side, united against a common enemy – the patriarchy – a whole different energy comes through. And a whole lot of transformative change can come from that.

What do you think about the way that millennials are reclaiming the colour pink?

Colour and gender have got an interesting history. Pink was originally assigned to boys – blue was a feminine colour, and pink was a masculine colour. So generally, I think that the idea of gendering colour is a preposterous one. Dudes wear pink… It’s a good colour!

If you could put one law in place that could help women, what would it be?

I read this really funny tweet the other day that I think would be awesome: if there was a curfew for men, so like, after 9 pm, there would be no men around. Think about the possibilities! You could wear anything you want, go anywhere you want… and not, live your life in perpetual fear.

What do you think that women need more of?

A lot. More freedom, more choice, more respect, more justice.

This Women’s Month, I want…

Somebody to pay off my student loan!

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