The Nomadic Space

How to furnish adaptive spaces and invest in furniture that goes with you

Nomadic spaces

Photographs: Inge Prins | Decor Editor: Charl Edwards

As young renters who are changing apartments every few months, we want stuff that can turn an apartment into a home, need stuff that won’t break the bank, and demand stuff that we can take with us when we move on.

Now is not the time for that chesterfield couch, as an adaptive lifestyle is all about continuous change, so shop Superbalist for the best in portable furnishings, which can be easily transported from one place to the next and will make your space personalised, stylish and most importantly – yours.

There’s no financial risk, all the aesthetic payoff and the clincher is that by incorporating these small, temporary home solutions, you’ll be able to take all of this stuff, along with your full deposit, with you when you move on.

Soft furnishings

Nomadic spaces | soft furnishings

You should look at making your home as comfortable as possible, and that means going overboard with throws, pillows, and other soft accents that reflect your style. A king size four poster bed isn’t practical, but a mattress on the floor with the best bedding, highest thread counts, freshest linens and all the cushions, will will make you feel like a king.


Nomadic spaces | lighting

Perhaps the worst feature in any rental is the utilitarian lighting. Fortunately it’s easy to swap out bulbs and shades, and if you want to ignore the fixtures completely then focus instead on investing in your own floor and table lamps. The right light will make an impact and can be moved around at a whim whenever you need to refresh your space. 


Nomadic spaces | furniture

It makes sense to choose versatile pieces, rather than furniture that fits a particular space perfectly, if you don't know where you'll be living in the next five-years. You can never have too many side tables and this versatile item will grow with you and your needs, allowing you to cluster them to form islands, use as side tables, as a bedside table… whatever’s clever at that particular point in time. 


Nomadic spaces | entertainment

This is why you come home, right? To do whatever it is that you want to do. So kit your space out accordingly and ensure your home is a reflection of who you are and what you’re into.


Nomadic spaces | Greenery

While it would be foolish to plaster your walls in the tropical wallpaper of your dreams, the next best thing is converting your space into an urban jungle. No yard? No problem. Potted plants are a great way to create an inner-city jungalow and when your lease is up you can take them all with you.  


Nomadic spaces | storage

Whether you need to store your sneakers, tidy up that pile of books, or keep all of your collections neatly packed away, if your studio lacks storage, and you’re smarter than wasting money on fixed custom cabinetry, you should make use of bookcases, shelving, racks and other smart organizing solutions. By dedicating a space and providing structure for these things you’ll stop them from spilling over everywhere else.


Nomadic spaces | flooring

Rugs are the best way to dress up horrible flooring that you have no control over. That Springsteen lyric about one man’s floor being another man’s ceiling has never sounded more true than when you live in an older apartment with wooden floors. Rugs will not only keep the noise down, they’ll bring some colour and texture into your space, too. 

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