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7 key lamps + lighting trends for any space

7 key lamps + lighting trends for any space

Words: Rosie Goddard | Photography: Inge Prins | Styling: Charl Edwards

Before you consider which lovingly collected knick knacks you’ll display, where your couch will go, or which cushions you’ll be refreshing for the season, it’s your lighting that should come first. It sets the tone and creates a comforting mood in a way that no amount of throws or plants (working alone) can. And one of the things that you learn as you go along is that ceiling lights can only do so much. Alone, they create an atmosphere that can be sterile and cold, but combined with other lamps, you’ll create a warm glow that’ll elevate any space, however sparse. The right lighting will highlight your new piece of art just right, or reflect off a copper vase in a way that makes you feel happy every time you hit the switch. If it’s your favourite things that make your space ‘yours’, it’s your choice in lighting that makes you want to stay home on a Friday night, cosied up with a book.

Meet this season’s most-loved lighting trends, and the kinds of places they’ll suit.


7 key lamps + lighting trends for any space

The style: Once heavily embellished or engraved, the anglepoise lamp was a mainstay of library desks, as it enabled someone reading to see more clearly. Now, they’re streamlined and simplified, but their purpose remains the same.

Suited to: Dimly-lit corners in need of cosying, or desks and bedsides where you need to direct the source of light. These lamps are a must for ensuring that reading is easy on the eyes.

Exposed bulbs

7 key lamps + lighting trends for any space

The style: Exposed bulbs are a relatively new and exciting take on lighting, as they focus on the aesthetic quality of the bulb – something we’ve been trying to cover up for a century or more.

Suited to: Surprisingly, almost any space, from the modern farmhouse to the city loft. It’s all about the cord – more modern spaces can handle anything but more traditional homes will need something inconspicuous.

Colour pop

7 key lamps + lighting trends for any space

The style: These desk and side table lamps look to primary and pastel colours to brighten your space in more ways than one.

Suited to: A young, vibrant space. Whether you want to bring a touch of colour to your digs desk, or want to liven up your bedroom, lighting should be your first stop and the rest of your look will follow.


7 key lamps + lighting trends for any space

The style: Simple in every other way save the metallic finish, this lighting style is all about bringing a touch of warm opulence to your home, whether you live in a bohemian haven or a minimalist masterpiece.

Suited to: the space above your kitchen counter or the centrepiece of a living room. These designs, whether in steel, brass or gold deserve to have the spotlight on them to highlight their iridescent qualities.


7 key lamps + lighting trends for any space

The style: At once striking and pared-back, this style lends itself to simpler spaces where the lighting is included as one of few features. Shape is the standout feature here, whether geometric or organic, and of course, the colour palette is largely monochromatic, with concrete as a mainstay.

Suited to: sparse, modern spaces. High ceilings, interesting proportions and seemingly-nonchalant decor placement speak to this bold lighting style.


7 key lamps + lighting trends for any space

The style: Soothing and organic, wooden lighting will elevate a homey space while layering it with natural textures. Anglepoise lamps are a favourite this season, as are woven basket shades.

Suited to: homes with a clean, white finish, spaces that already have a lot of natural light and will therefore emphasise the grain of the wood and comfy duvet dens or cosy offices.


7 key lamps + lighting trends for any space

The style: A relatively new style that takes its inspiration from the old searchlight lamp, this illuminator will make a statement in a simple room.

Suited to: a considered space. This lamp is a design feature in itself and will work well with other pieces that have been created with the same level of attention – sculptural chairs and statement bookshelves are a case in point. These lamps will work best in the corner of a bedroom or living room in their larger form, and on a bedside table when smaller.

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