The Modern Bedroom

Re-decorating, done simply

Words: Talya Galasko | Photographs: Katinka Bester | Styling: Charl Edwards

Those of us without a natural proclivity for design often balk at the idea of ‘redecorating’. Coupled with the prospect that the final product might not live up to your moodboard dreams (as it turns out shell displays, macrame and hemp were an overkill), space upgrades can also come with the added pressure of financial investment.

While your childhood bedroom might have taken certain cues from interests at the time (horses, Spice Girls or Leo DiCaprio), you’ll be approaching redecorating in your later years with an air of maturity. This season’s tastes speak to Afro-Scandi style. That is, the natural and cosy textures associated with the former blended with the cool, contemporary designs of the latter. The result is the modern bedroom – a clean canvas anchored in neutral tones, and coloured with decor accents of varying textures and tones, to produce a collected space that you can call your own.

A clean canvas

Think: monochrome colours.

Selecting linens in neutral tones offers a certain tranquility, while offering more freedom to mix and match with various decor accessories and other furnishings. To avoid monotony, play with prints and other texture details.

Ground yourself

Think: natural textures and neutral tones.

If you’re styling a carpeted room, play around with colour by selecting a tone that falls on the opposite end of the palette. For example, if your carpets are cream, opt for contrasting greys to add a sense of spatial variety to the otherwise ordinary. If, however, your floors are wooden or tiled, consider natural fabrics like cotton, hemp and yarn in softer shades to add elements of warmth.

A light atmosphere

Think: mix and match.

Lighting is a given, of course, but ceiling pendants and side table lamps turn the essentials into decorative extras. If you’re looking to soften a modern space, work with handwoven designs constructed from rope, cork, seastring and wood. Alternatively, take cues from more industrial designs made of cement and concrete, and consider them a contemporary update.

A permanent placeholder

Think: true to function and form.

A bedside table should take into account your bedtime habits. Whether you need a place to store your nighttime read, balance your early morning tea or safekeep jewellery, choose something that will fulfill its duty accordingly. For the storer of books, papers, chargers and other bits and bobs, select something with built-in drawers to avoid clutter. Displaying family photos and other extras? A drawerless design made of wood or wire will be just right.

Textural differences

Think: interchangeability

Thanks to the versatility of our modern-bedroom components, you’ll have the freedom to experiment with different tones and textures when it comes to the accessories. From African woven baskets to wire storage cases and copper cups, remember to mix and match. Simply put, it’s about finding the things you love and then moving them around, until they find their happy place.