Dress For Wet Weather

Invest in a wet weather wardrobe and stay showerproof without sacrificing style

How to dress for wet weather

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When it does start raining and pouring – and trust us, it will – don’t let things get boring. The weather can only rain on your fashion parade if you allow it to.

Here’s how to create layered looks that are visually interesting, will keep you dry and protect you from the elements at the same time.

There’s an app for that

Weather app

Perennially stylish people will agree that dressing well requires some planning. Keep up to date using technology, and don’t rely on whatever the weatherman said in the evening news the night before. It's better to be over-prepared than drenched after a downpour, so take mom's advice and grab your coat. 

The right materials

How to dress for wet weather

Don’t wear suede, the colour white or delicate fabrics like silk. Sturdy, simple items in dark shades and quick-dry fabrics are your best bet. Wet weather can really ruin your clothes, so protect your goods with an outer layer of rubber, pleather, treated leather and tech-fabrics like neoprene.

The right accessories

How to dress for wet weather

The right accessories can protect you on a rainy day while still getting plenty of compliments. Inclement weather wear includes a strong hat game to keep your hair in check, longer jackets that provide full coverage, sturdy boots, a weatherproof backpack to carry extras and, of course, an umbrella. 

Our tip: don't spend a lot on an umbrella as they really aren't an investment piece. Rather save your money for boots and a coat and be prepared to misplace a couple of cheap brollies this winter.


How to dress for wet weather

Layers allow you to change as the weather does. The trench coat is wet-weather royalty and your first line of defense against the rain. Just be smart and ensure yours is made from nylon, not cotton. A raincoat can look slick if selected right, so look for something with a hood and made from water-resistant fabric. Lastly, your trench and raincoat should be sized up, as you’ll be wearing them over your jackets, coats and knits, so buy accordingly.

Puddle pounders

How to dress for wet weather

Big rubber boots aren’t for everyone, but with the right outfit they’ll look the part while keeping your feet dry. If you can’t get around to wearing wellies outside of a festival, then try wearing a pair of rubberized high tops or a pair of treated-leather work boots. Remember to winterize your socks, too.

Other tips

How to dress for wet weather

Cuff or turn up your pants so that they don’t drag and get soaked in puddles. Keep your phone in a ziplock bag and simply operate it through the plastic baggie. Keep a spare change of basics at the office and in the car. Anything else? You tell us in the comments section below...

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