What’s your brunch style?

5 excuses to live your best brunch life

What's your brunch style?

Say what you want about the pastime that dominated 70% of Sex and The City, but the fact is, deep down we all love a bit of brunch. Whether you’re battening down the hatches and doing breakfast for one, or heading out of town to make the most of your long weekend, we’ve got the tools you need to create the best brunch setup yet.

Home alone

What's your brunch style?

Your brunch mantra: “Cosiness is next to godliness”

On the menu: It’s not ‘brunch’ per se, but rather an extended variety of mini meals that last throughout the day. First up? Tea, a croissant and a bowl of chocolates, just because.

Your survival kit: Cuddly blanket? Of course. A vehicle for snacks? Naturally. The socks you bought for bae but kept for yourself? Definitely.

Top tip: Get in some series watching, but don’t forget to make the most of your time alone (so you can really be self-righteous when you’re back at work). Indulge in a hobby or nurture your space, whether that involves cooking, tending to your plants, making music, reading, writing or organising.

You’re invited

What's your brunch style?

Your brunch mantra: “Get your sh*t together, Carol” (Bridesmaids)

On the menu: At this rate, burnt bacon, overcooked eggs and broken dreams *nervous laughter*.

Your survival kit: You’re a hot mess (why was it a good idea to invite 20 people over for brunch?), and you’re starting to wonder if you can even pull this off. Luckily, your table decor colour palette is making up for this – it’s calm, collected, and cooler than Akeela’s brunch set up last week, which is essentially all that matters.

Top tip: A simple jumpsuit and statement shoes will send you straight to the top of your own best-dressed list, and the look will leave more time to execute the brunch of the century.

Come brunch with me

What's your brunch style?

Your brunch mantra: “Did it even happen if it wasn’t on Instagram?”

On the menu: As many dishes as possible. You all like to order something different so you can try everything, from eggs benedict, to waffles, smoothie bowls, sandwiches and even suspect green juices (because health).

Your survival kit: In your circle, brunch is a seriously stylish affair, and it’s executed with military precision. This time round, it’s an all-black look with statement pieces, as well a present for the birthday girl, and a notebook to plan an upcoming collaboration.

Top tip: Your statement makers should complement each other, not vie for centre stage. The Gucci-inspired loafers have social clout for those in the know but still keep it simple, while the bag stands out for its bold design and will send the Instagram likes into overdrive.

Party at mine

What's your brunch style?

Your brunch mantra: “Spray the champagne” – Migos

On the menu: A late night led to a casual kitchen demolition, so it’s just cocktails for now, but a pizza isn’t off the cards for later.

Your survival kit: This is your party, and you’re going to make sure that you and your house are on brand. Every detail has been considered, from the piñata, to your socks, and even the straws.

Top tip: Pull yourself together in a hurry: drink lots of water, wash your hair, and if you can’t face makeup, moisturise for that dewy, well-rested skin effect. Sunglasses will do the rest.

Out of town

What's your brunch style?

Your brunch mantra: “I’ll eat a lot now, and then I just won’t have dinner.” Two hours later...

On the menu: A veritable harvest table of foraged treats from the local town.

Your survival kit: Your getaway crew has a lot planned, so your packing list has to roll with the punches. After breakfast, you might play a few games around the table and then take a trip into town for some shopping.

Top tip: Think of brunch as a marathon, not a sprint. You’re settling in for the long haul, so comfort is key – focus on soft fabrics, stretchy jeans and just the right amount of layers to keep you content

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