How To Turn Up

Take your turn up to the turn up and turn up like what

Words: Dylan Muhlenberg | Illustrations: Amber Pretorius

You’ve probably spotted a perfect turn up before, committed it to memory and then realised that you’d need a personal stylist to perform the same thing on yourself. Not anymore. Here’s how to display your denim, show off your sneakers, celebrate your socks or air your ankles – in style.

The Single Cuff

The beginner’s cuff is a quick one-flip that works with everything. Flirt with various widths to find out what you’re comfortable with, then simply roll the hem up so that the inside seam shows.

The Wide Cuff

Another starter cuff that also just so happens to be the best way to show off your selvedge. Shorter folk should avoid the thick cuff, as it will make them look even more like a hobbit. This look works especially well with narrow jeans, helping them to appear more tailored. Simply roll the hem up high so that the inside seam shows a lot. Done.

The Double Cuff

A clean-looking cuff that is best performed before you jump into your jeans. Remember that the thicker the cuff the more it will take from your height. Now roll the hem up so that the inside seam shows. And repeat.

The Slob Roll

This is the perfect cuff to pair with a “do-you-think-I-care?” air, and all you have to do is roll without thinking too much about it. Casual.

The Uptight Roll

Want a more tapered look even though your jeans are billowing? Then pay attention because this is the most technical of cuffs, and the holy grail of hemming. First, fold the hem of your jeans sideways so that it’s tight around your ankle, then turn up twice. If your jeans have more fabric in the legs then you should have a carrot fit. If your jeans were skinny to start with, the result should be a pegged look. If the fit is anything other than a snug wrap, you must abort and then start it all over again.