Style Knitwear 5 Ways

Wrap up in Superbalist’s newest knits and fight the elements, right

Words + Styling: Chicara Bruseke and Robin-Jade Carolus | Photography: Luke Kuisis

If you’re anything like us then you’ll see the turning of the leaves as an indication to immediately get your jackets and coats out of storage and start shopping for new additions to your winter wardrobe. Just thinking of the cosy comfort that winter brings gets us excited about all the rich wools, warm fleeces and luxurious layers that we can now dress up in.

Winter is also an opportunity to bring more texture into your wardrobe – that's what gives clothing its richness and visual depth. From the ribbing on a polo neck to the plushness of velvet to the grain of leather in your boots, winter makes for a visual feast.

And as huge fans of texture we know that knits are always a winner. The earthy roughness of wool is the best thing to balance the weight of other fabrics with, and by combining items of different textures you’ll by able to vary your wardrobe without necessarily having to buy a lot of extras.

It’s all in the mix, so have fun playing with opposites and all the different options on offer, like we did when coming up with the following five looks that we can’t wait to dress up in this winter.

Layer Great

Play with layers by doubling up on one or two of your favourite knits or sweats: exaggerate sleeves, play with lengths and use your clothing to keep things interesting. For instance, a knit or jacket tied around your waist adds definition to the look's silhouette by cinching the waist, and is a great chance to bring in more texture. Layering using oversized shapes creates a new dimension with detail – even the sock adds to the look by providing another layer. 

Toughen Up

Sweats aren’t just for lazing around indoors. Upgrade yours with washed-out denim, camo prints and leather boots. Wearing a sweater over a shirt? Very fashion girl. So is our favourite sweatshirt, which is boyish, bulky, and wide, the line almost triangular, with a tapered waist opening up to broad shoulders. In case you missed it, you don’t need an actual boyfriend to get menswear-inspired looks: just head to the men's section for ready-to-style staples to wear your way.

Sex It Up

Bare backs and the summer sun makes for perfect date night dressing, but you can be as equally chic in winter wearing a thigh high slit midi skirt and velvet vibes. And because knitwear is so versatile, whether you go for thick and wooly or light and subdued, switching a jacket out for a knit changes your look from formal businesswoman to soft sophistication. Throw on a bomber jacket as an outermost layer and remember to show off your legs if you're going to be covering your neck. 

Winter Sports

Sports luxe looks in winter are dead, huh? Nah, you’re in denial. It never went anywhere. Switch up your sports luxe pieces from summer by layering over a classic poloneck and wearing with a pair of metallic piscé pants. Now you’ve got yourself looking all sorts of Hypebae. The form is simplicity itself and can either be the centre of attention or part of the layered ensemble, and will help create a tailored sporty look.

Texture Trick

Double up on textures to give off a bold, confident attitude, and don’t be afraid to show off with colour. Winter doesn’t always have to be as dull or as grey as the weather. You can lift things up with the type of texture that elevates your most-trusted knit. Take a basic poloneck and add colour, texture and print to either refresh last year's purchase or upgrade a brand-new classic. 

MUA : Roxanne Sayers
Model: Queenie L @ D&A Models