Beyond Human shares three tracks off of his upcoming EP

Rohan Bhadersein is electronic music producer and multi-instrumentalist Beyond Human, who was born and raised in Chatsworth, Durban, and has been living in Johannesburg since 1999.

Raised by a father who slapped the bass in cover band Fame back in the 70s, music has always been a large part of Rohan’s life, where he eventually formed his own band at the turn of the millennium. Playing guitar in alternative rock band Fate, Rohan later played the drums for punk band Neonate, eventually finding his first taste of success playing drums for thrash metal band Empery, which played festivals, was featured on TV and saw him win the Roland V-Drums South African Championship in 2014.

Alongside metal and hard rock, Drum & Bass was always a genre that Rohan gravitated towards, and after Empery disbanded he used this as the catalyst to dabble in more music production, teaching himself using YouTube tutorials. He’s since grown in skills so that he’s now ready to put out his first EP, three tracks that we’re sharing with you today.

Read our short interview with Beyond Human after the jump.

What music did you grow up listening to and what are you into nowadays?

I grew up listening to rock and metal. I thank God that my dad influenced me the way he did. The very first album he ever owned was Bon Jovi’s vinyl New Jersey. I still have it today as I’m a huge fan of 90s music. These days, my genres of choice are Drum & Bass, Metal, Hard Rock/Alternative and more recently I have developed an appreciation of jazz from 1950s and 1960s.

What is it that you love about music?

One thing I love about music is how it brings people together, regardless of age, gender, background, ethnicity... It’s the world’s common language and I would be honoured to be able to bring people together with my music on a global scale.

Tell us about this mix that you've made for us.

Since I am not a DJ, the tracks I have shared are the three tracks from my forthcoming debut EP. This is a representation of me, where I am today, and where I want to go. The title track ‘Feelings’ is a feel-good song, and is meant to make you smile and dance. The track called ‘Chicks’ is another upbeat track, and I love the sounds, tones and diversity in this track. ‘Slapstick’ is pure jump-up Drum & Bass and I decided to add this to the EP in order to display my musical diversity. It’s been a long, hard, and lonely road to get to this point and has taken an enormous amount of sacrifice.

Where can we watch you play and keep up with all the things you're doing?

Since I am focusing purely on the launch of this EP, I am not focusing on doing any live shows just yet. When I do though, it’s going to be something different – way different. I will be playing live electronic drums on stage, in addition to playing my original and non-original tracks.