Runway Looks For Less

Real-life styling to elevate knits and hoodies to luxe looks

Words + styling: Akim Jardine | Photographs: Luke Kuisis

To quote a fantasy-drama series of which I’ve only ever watched a single episode, “Winter is coming”. And thank goodness for that, as we now no longer need to see men wearing flip-flops with their boardshorts. 

Winter layers make being stylish a cinch, so don't just reach for the fleece – instead, steal these styles from the runways of Paris, London and New York fashion weeks. Designers are reworking men's knits and hoodies in order to revitalise the way we wear these classics, so steal these trips and tricks from the world's runway and use your second layer to cleverly set you apart from the pack. You'll stay cosy while giving your look an edge by incorporating fresh, innovative takes on old faithful staples – after all, there's no shortage of inspiration.


On Balenciaga's most recent runway, corporate cool took a turn for the cosy. Take a tip from athleisure and layer a fitted hoodie over your workwear, like Balenciaga did, and elevate your office standard to corporate cosy. You’ll be grateful you did this when you get to the office and the aircon is set to ‘blizzard’. Trust us on this one: Superbalist HQ knows a thing or two about unpredictable office temperatures...


This year’s buzzword, ath-luxe, is about making sportswear hyper-fashionable, so try adding an element of sportiness to your Sunday best – just like Dior did. Layering a chunky turtleneck over a suit gives it an unexpected edge. What’s more, you’ll be appropriately dressed for that ski conference where you’re delivering the keynote address.


If you’re not the kind of guy to suit up and winter sports just aren’t your thing, try a more casual approach to sporty knits, like Orley did, and let your golf-shirt peep out from under a knit. You can really nail this transitional look by thinking geometrically, which will draw the eye in wonderfully.


We all know that Kanye loves a hoodie almost as much as Kanye loves Kanye. Yeezy's a big believer in layering hoodies and sweats, bringing us streetwear made for the runway. Double up on your hoodies, tying one around your waist, and remember that there really is no functional purpose to the second one: it's all about nonchalant attitude this season. Who needs practicality? Remember to toss a topcoat over the ensemble, because layering 101.

Michael Kors

Scarves have been a grey area for men since snoods ruined the whole damn thing in 2009. So what’s to be done when you’re trying to style your suit with some soft wooly goodness for your neck? Michael Kors reinvents the knit as a neck scarf, which is then worn draped around the neck. If you really want to make an impression, coordinate a knit under your suit to match your faux scarf and really send the message home. 


Sometimes a simple, polished ensemble is the most captivating. Burberry's AW17 collection taught us that it’s not always about taking it OTT: a chunky knit paired with a pair of chinos can make day-to-day dressing slicker than tonnes of layering. Tuck your knit to define your shape and you’re set. Simplicity without sacrificing style.
Grooming: Megan Wridgway
Yannick @ BOSS