Forever Chuck

An exploration of the role the Converse All Star has played in culture

Everyone can remember their first pair of Chuck Taylors. They’re almost synonymous with that nearly-forgotten time when a sneaker purchase was a day out – every pair of shoes had to last, and if you got the wrong size you had to grin and bear it, sure not to show any weakness to the family member who paid for them. The style has seen minimal aesthetic updates over the decades – a testament to the quality of the original design – and they’ve had a notable influence on youth culture, streetwear, fashion, film and well beyond.

Forever Chuck is an exploration of the role the iconic style has played, and how it continues to do affect some of today’s most celebrated creatives. Converse enlisted the talents of director Karim Huu Do to put together the three-part series, which provides perspectives from a diverse range of industries.

The first episode, entitled Why Iconic Characters Wear Chucks, celebrates the unique and unforgettable characters in film history most associated with the classic sneaker style. Queen of cool and Stranger Things lead Millie Bobby Brown meets with legendary stylist Stephanie Collie to get her expert opinion on why the coolest characters in film wear Chucks. Touching on essential films such as Back to the Future and The Breakfast Club, Collie is sure to emphasise the importance of the sneakers as a puzzle piece for each character.

Shifting to focus on the LA culture scene, the second episode is hosted by West Coast rapper Vince Staples, and explores Chuck Taylor’s influence on street style and hip hop music. With the help of graffiti artist and BornxRaised founder Spanto, as well as the LA Lakers’ Jordan Clarkson, Staples paints a picture of how Chucks were able to redefine street and youth culture through the years, in one of the world’s hotspots.

International model Winnie Harlow hosts the final episode, which delves into the effect Chucks have had on two of the world’s fashion hubs – London and Paris. Harlow examines how the iconic footwear complements current trends, speaking with fashion leaders in a variety of positions, including models, label founders and designers. From thrift shop styling to haute couture fashion, Chucks are continuously embraced by trendsetters from all over the world.