Men's Autumn Style Update

Your best look yet starts with these key basics

Words: Rosie Goddard | Photographs: Katinka Bester | Styling: Kelly Fung

Building an autumn wardrobe that lasts is an art – it involves a considered blend of textures, layers and tones to create a look that’s so much more than the sum of its staples.

It’s (almost) time to lock away the flip flops and lay down the shorts that you’ve had on heavy rotation for the last few months – these items will take your wardrobe to sleek new heights, and bonus, they won’t be going out of style any time soon. Discover how to pair and wear them below.

Puff Daddy

The puffer jacket has gone from Everest staple to A/W’s key piece, thanks to Vetements, Gosha and the repositioning of brands like North Face (S/O to Yung Lean). Grab one in a neutral shade or up the ante with light blue.

Make it new: This jacket’s going ath-luxe this season, so wear it with pulled-together streetwear bests, from branded hoodies to boxfresh high tops and tapered sweats.

Don’t sweat it

Who would have guessed that sweat pants would grow up to become so pulled together? Now tapered and tailored, they’ve spruced up and are ready for their first office job.

Make it new: Team your new favourites with a blazer or coat, a shirt, and dress shoes. By upgrading your staples, no one will notice the difference, and when they do, they’ll be wanting a pair of their own. Plus, your new trousers feel like pyjamas, so it’s a win-win.

Shoe in

Put those flip-flops in their final resting place and select your favourites from the following: lace-up boots, Derbys and high-top sneakers. Loved in equal measure, these shoes will lend a worldly touch to just about any look.

Make it new: It’s all in the sock choice. Set yourself apart and elevate your new shoes with a savvy selection of dress designs.

Jack(et) of all trades

The bomber is back on top for another season, and this time round, it’s ready for a new smart-casual aesthetic. Take it from your first early-morning meeting to after-work gatherings with ease.

Make it new: Throw it on over a shirt, a cable knit and tie, and pair with Derbys or chukkas. Your bomber is ready to teach some of your preppier staples a thing or two.

Tailor made

No wardrobe should ever go without tailoring, and a beautiful fit comes first. Look at your shoulders to get this right and always match your jacket and pants – the effect is much sharper.

Make it new: Looking for something different? Upgrade a classic silhouette with unexpected fabrics.