Summer Style For Scrimpers

Get the look for less with these five summer staples

Words: Dylan Muhlenberg | Photographs: Glen Montgomery | Styling: Mandy Nash 

Looking for bleeding-edge SS17 trends? Keep it moving, champ, nothing to see here... While some men will no doubt be wearing neckerchiefs this season, they certainly won’t be the next, which is what we like about you - you’re not about to buy into something with a 15-minute shelf life just because you scrolled past a kid in Seoul flexing his #OOTD creativity.

No sir, you seem like the type of guy who’s in the market for something that can stand up to at least ten summers. Stuff that’s more function than fashion. Because style isn’t just about looking good, it’s about feeling good, and nothing looks better than a dude who’s unflappable. Especially when everyone else is flapping at his neckerchief...

The best thing about summer’s high-value must-haves is that for less than the price of a premium pair of denims you can get an entire look. Invest in the building blocks of good style and then use the surplus from your December slush fund to buy another round for the boys. Go on, be a chap.


The humble flip-flop has been the warm weather footwear of choice ever since Moses set his people free and spent the next 40-years traversing sand dunes. Which is why it’s weird that they get such a bad wrap today. While we’re not saying you should wear them to the office with a pair of jeans like you’re a Cape Town creative or something; if ever there was a time to get away with wearing a pair of plakkies it’s when you’re on vacation, your feet are tanned or you only have R150 left in your wallet. Cheap as chips and chilled AF, let your little piggies breathe, bro.

Striped T-shirt

Just because you’re on holiday doesn’t mean your style needs to take a break, too. A plain T-shirt can get boring after it becomes a uniform, and a statement-making Tee is tired the second time someone reads the slogan. The striped T-shirt is a nautical inspired top that’s always nice. It doesn’t need to shout ‘look-at-me’ to be visually interesting, yet it still maintains enough style to show that you give a damn. And then depending on which optical illusion you’d like to employ, the right stripes will make your chest look broader or your midriff look slimmer - choose wisely.


The original hands-free kit allows you to carry your summer essentials around with you without having to worry about anything more than just cramming everything you may need in there. For your needs we suggest something with hardworking zippers and a waterproof nylon shell. Something that’s also big enough to carry whatever you’ll need this holiday season. What exactly that is is up to you. Whether you use yours for packing in a towel for day trips to the beach, or you’re the type who prefers to hitchhike up the coast with the bare necessities, a backpack allows you to tackle a host of summer time activities without being bogged down by baggage.


That thing about cheap sunglasses doing more damage to your eyes than not wearing any at all is a fallacy. As long as your sunglasses have UV protection they’ll protect your eyes from sunlight just as well as the big brands do. Sure they may not be polarized or have the same level of protection, but when you’re fighting off a hangover straight out of the Old Testament while trying to force down a plate of bacon and eggs you’ll want all the help you can get. Value sunglasses are great because you can swim in them, hang them on the front of your shirt, wear them at night and treat them like dirt. Dude, buy five pairs and live your life as free as a dolphin. Sunglasses should make you look cool, not precious.

Chino shorts

Yes cargo pants have their place (on set and on grips), as do boardshorts (surfers and lifeguards) and then even denim cutoffs (dads), too. However, the ultimate summer short is the tailored chino, which is so damn flattering. The chino short is also the most versatile of the bunch and can just as easily be worn to a summer wedding as that hotel bar at the end of the boardwalk. So when you need to be smart simply slide in a leather belt, slip on your brogues, do a fold at the cuff and tuck in your shirt. Chilling out? How chill you want to be is up to you, the only problem with these chino shorts is that even if you go shirtless and shoeless you’ll still look too refined to properly pull off that castaway look. Perhaps you should try and grow a beard, pal.