Beach to Boardwalk

Because getting dressed shouldn’t be any more difficult than a day at the beach

Words: Melly Neil | Photography: Aubrey Ndiweni | Styling: Azuli Peeters

Heaven loves you when you’re a boy. The clouds part for you when you’re a boy. Nothing stands in your way when you’re a boy… But the absolute best thing about being a boy has got to be how clothes always fit you!

Okay, David Bowie may have lied to some of us a little with that last one, but once you're found the staples that suit your style and your stature, things becomes a little easier. Because life’s too short to keep tabs on what size man bun or how many rolls in the current cool-guy cuff. Instead you should simply smell-check the cleanest-looking shirt on top of your floordrobe, slip it on and then slide into summer.

The less time spent on making outfit choices the more time you have to spend on the fun stuff, like climbing trees, freestyle walking and wrecking havoc on unsuspecting holiday makers.

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Superbalist Style Director, Tammy Tinker, talks us through the shoot:

The Concept

Superbalist is becoming a creative platform where we’re not just creating content but providing the means for young creatives to show off their creativity. Ultimately we want to be a filter system for young creatives where we connect them with one another and then guide them, helping to build their careers by putting them on real life sets, giving them access to our gear and helping to nurture them. Basically we want to grow young creatives and promote creativity and this was our first attempt.

The Fashion

Transitional wardrobe. Clashing. Everything goes. It’s about personal style and personality instead of being dictated by trend.

The Models

Pierre is an artist. Katinka had shot him on the street and I spotted the pic on Instagram. We then shot Vans on him for our sales campaign and he was loved.

Lasse is our face and we’ve signed him for the next three months. He’s from Norway and arrived in the country on a Tuesday and we signed him on the Wednesday.

Verticle DF we spotted on Aubrey’s Instagram. Clearly I spend a lot of time on Instagram! He’s not a model, but had this amazing fun energy to him that we had to use.

The Photographer

Neill Roberts introduced us to Aubrey Ndiweni and we immediately fell in love with the innocence of his work. He’d never shot a campaign before, and he basically just shoots people’s portraits in the street. Pretty much just sits in The Company Gardens and pulls tourists… He shoots on film but showed up to our shoot with his digital camera. We said, “No way, we want your film work!” and he said, “Do you guys trust me?” and I’m so glad we trusted him.

The Stylist

Azuli is my absolute best and I have a bit of a girl crush. I drove her home after the first TVC and we had a conversation about her wanting to be more than a model. I suggested that she do some more styling work because she has such an amazing personal style.

* The Klein brothers hosted us fantastically, allowing us to make Kleinsky’s our home base for this shoot. Thanks guys!