From concentrated skincare routines to experimental and expressive make-up, here is a breakdown of why these trends are rising.

Maximalist makeup

Words by Lucinda Dordley | Images: Instagram/ @rowi_singh/ @aiofeartist

Simple make-up has been all the rage, but maximalism is making a comeback.

From concentrated skincare routines to experimental and expressive make-up, here is a breakdown of why these trends are rising.

Skincare minimalism

While make-up trends point to a more maximalist and experimental approach, skincare is being pared back. Using fewer products makes it easier to pinpoint exactly how to take care of your skin as it reduces the number of potential skin irritants introduced to your daily skincare routine.

Between cold, harsh outdoors and the artificially heated indoors, winter can be unkind to your skin, leaving it dry and sensitive.

Winter also means you are more likely to take longer, hotter baths and showers which strip your skin of its natural oils. This can exacerbate already-dry and sensitive skin.

The most basic building blocks of a simple skincare routine consist of a gentle cleanser, toner, moisturiser, sunscreen and weekly exfoliating. This may not be enough during the cold months, so consider a serum suited to your skin type as this will add and lock in extra moisture.

Maximalist makeup

Maximalism can be thought of as an oppositional force to minimalism, with many calling it “the aesthetic of excess”. The beauty of this aesthetic outlet is that it allows space for experimentation. Maximalism doesn’t fall under a specific look - instead it allows your imagination to go wild.


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Maximalism seeks inspiration everywhere, from runways to art, film, literature, social media, architectural movements, moods and many other sources. Its point is not to be beautiful but rather to challenge and subvert beauty norms and expectations. It allows those who enjoy makeup to play around and explore their individuality. This can mean playing around with graphic liner, different textures, unconventional colour combinations - if you can imagine it, you can do it.

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Makeup artists such as Rowi Singh and Erin Parsons have garnered big followings on social media due to their constant experimentation with looks.

Weird lip combos

Uncommon lipstick combinations are nothing new. During the 2010s heyday of Tumblr, aesthetics such as Indie Sleaze and the anime-inspired Kawaii featured bold lips in unusual shades such as metallic blue, bright orange, purple and more.

This trend has seen a revival, rebranded as “the weird girl aesthetic”, and has become sleeker, more alternative and much more experimental since 2022. Gigi Hadid was seen sporting a slate grey lip at the CFDA awards, musician Doja Cat has been seen in a variety of strange and interesting lip combos, and makeup artist Aiofe Cullen has garnered millions of views following her viral “double lip” look.

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