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While we all might remember Kaige Bertasso as the Love Island contestant who delivered a jaw-dropping moment on the show when he decided to exit the villa, the 21-year-old Durban-based tennis coach and DJ can still be found living the best version of himself.

Whether at the gym, on the tennis courts, or DJ’ing, Kaige maintains his mantra: “I don’t do things the same as everyone, I’ve got big dreams and I’m following my formula to succeed in them.”

And big plans are what he has, especially as we head into the summer season.

We sat down with this feisty go-getter to find out more about his fashion choices, the hidden meaning behind his hero style item, and how he will be spending his summer days in his city, Durban.

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How would you describe your style to our community?

I love more of a relaxed look. Big shirts, jackets and Jordans is definitely my go-to everyday style. However, I love how good a suit and tie can make you feel.

How would you describe your Spring/Summer style DNA?

My approach to fashion and style is to always look the best in whatever I wear. I believe in dressing for the occasion and making a statement, standing out, and letting people notice you. You never know who you might meet, and I’m not just talking about meeting a potential partner, it could also land you a successful venture.

Although I gravitate towards easy and relaxed fits and Jordan sneakers I do like to mix it up and play around with fashion. I enjoy a suit and tie, it appeals to my Italian side and makes me feel sophisticated. A fitted tee and skinny jeans is also a great look and bonus it shows off all that training time in the gym.


Which item in your wardrobe is your summer hero?

Those who follow me and my style will know that my Dennis Rodman Chicago Bulls vest is the hero item in my wardrobe. It’s so much more than a vest.

It represents everything about being yourself and being unapologetically who you are. This is something Dennis Rodman represents in the sports world as he proved to himself and the world that not everyone's the same and people do things differently, you just have to find what works for you and do that, so the vest has meaning behind it.

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What do you love about the piece you are wearing for this campaign?

The pink button-up is my favourite, I can wear it with almost anything. It’s bright, it stands out, and fits my personality very well, as that’s exactly what I like to do.

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What’s your favourite summer fashion memory?

When I was on Love Island, the fashion director had said my baggy shorts needed to be made shorter as they were too long, so he altered about 10 of my shorts. However, on the first day of filming the scene of us all arriving at the villa, I was handed a pair to wear by the sponsor of the show.

The irony was that the length was exactly the same as those of the original pairs that he had shortened. I found it quite funny and felt so sorry for the fashion department who had spent a lot of time altering my shorts.

What’s the one wardrobe item you’ll be wearing for many more summers to come?

100 percent my Dennis Rodman vest! I don’t see myself outgrowing it anytime soon.

What’s your favourite summer hangout spot in your city? What makes it so charming?

It’s definitely the beach. I normally take my dog, Tyson, with me. I love going to beaches in Durban where there aren’t many people and just walking and swimming with Tyson.

It is so peaceful and relaxing and it makes me laugh and smile watching him run in and out of the water and coming back to me like “dad did you just see me go into that wave?“ It’s my escape after a long week or just a place where I can be myself and relax.

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As a Love Island fan favourite - in summer - what kind of first date would you ideally plan for someone to woo them?

My ideal date will start off in an old-fashioned way. I would pick my date up with a bouquet of her favourite flowers, open the car door and then whisk her off to a nice sunset picnic on the beach.

To further create a romantic ambiance, I would light some candles (if we not sitting around a fire) and have some background music playing.


What’s your fondest childhood memory of Spring/Summer in Durban?

Every Sunday my parents would take us down to Durban Undersea Club, which has a nice little restaurant. My siblings and I would spend all day in the water while our parents watched us, swam with us, and then forced us to get out of the water to eat something.

We would shovel our food down so fast just to get back into the water. By the end of the day, we were all so tanned and tired, and falling asleep was the easiest thing in the world.

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How will you be spending this Spring/Summer in Durban?

Hopefully, [the president] opens up the country so that I can DJ at lots of day parties - some big nightclubs again as well as throw some cool pool parties.

How will you be spending this Spring/Summer with friends?

I’m going to spend it at the pool having a couple of drinks with my friends, my house has got a bar right next to my pool so I love having people over and entertaining.

If you could bottle the smell of Summer, which fruits, flowers + vibes would you bottle?

Top 5 Summer tracks we should all have on our playlists?

  1. Dopamine - Franc Moody.
  2. Black Magic - Jonasu.
  3. Osama - Zakes Bantwini ft Kasango.
  4. Shipwreck - Klangkarussell.
  5. Drown - Martin Garrix ft Clinton Kane.

Listen to Kaige's selection here, and follow Superbalist on Spotify for more Spring/Summer playlists.

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