Create a colourful summer soiree at home

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Words + styling: Sanri Pienaar | Images: Inge Prins

Summer is here and after spending most of the year inside, we are looking to refresh our spaces. So this holiday season, we are talking all things colour to take your staycation style to new heights. Vibrant interiors set the scene for a quick breakfast with friends, cooking Sunday roast for the family or dining alfresco on the perfect summer's evening – and we are so here for all of it.

set the table

Setting the perfect table is easy if you keep it personal. It is your home, after all, so your dining table should showcase your personality. Using different pieces that play off one another instantly makes for a more interesting table setting and is a sure conversation starter. Mix your neutrals with bolder accents, super modern with older heirlooms, cut crystal with smokey glass. It’s all about reflecting your personal style, housed in an inviting and memorable atmosphere.

the right light

One of the most important elements when decorating your table is lighting. It’s essential for creating a welcoming ambience. Steer clear of overhead lighting or dimming lights, if you can, and rather create pools of light with standing or table lamps spaced throughout the room. Finish off with the soft light of dinner candles for a romantic touch.

just add blooms

And on that note, adding blooms from your garden is such a lovely touch for a breakfast table with friends. Keeping your arrangement low in small glass vases will make the morning light dance across the table. There are few things that will make your home feel more like a holiday house. Choose scented flowers and leaves that work with food (such as jasmine or lemon tree leaves) for a wonderful fresh aroma, adding to the effect of the perfect summer morning, while brightening up your home and mood with bursts of nature. While you’re at it, add edible flowers in your water carafe.

make it pop

We all know the panic of not having enough seating for your guests. Quick solve? Add stools in contrasting colours to your dining-room table. It looks so good it will look like you’d planned it, plus it makes for an intimate gathering. Feel like you need more colour? Who said you can’t have one more set of crockery? Invest in a neutral set for everyday use, but spoil yourself with a set in your favourite colour that you keep for special occasions. You’ll have and love them for years. And if that doesn’t tickle your fancy, just add a bit of colour to your neutral range. Think dessert bowls, bright pinch bowls and decorative serving plates. They make the world of difference.

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