Tips to create summer moments in your space

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Words + styling: Sanri Pienaar | Images: Inge Prins

The most beautiful thing about a house is fully understanding its potential – and maximising it. Showcase your favourite finds, soak up that afternoon sun in your irresistible reading nook and make a full day out of the perfect Sunday lunch. When you create special corners and moments that turn your house into your ideal summer home, spending time in and around your abode instantly becomes infinitely more enjoyable. Here are three simple ways to do it.

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Not only will it bring greenery to your rooms, it will make your home smell like a morning walk full of subtle aromas throughout. Hang eucalyptus in the shower, group fresh herbs in the kitchen (submerged in water), arrange jasmine branches above your bed and house freshly cut geranium in varied glass vases to place in different spots of your lounge.

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Create a dreamy tablescape by keeping your seating and table low to the ground. Throw in a few floor cushions for a luxe yet comfortable setting with a relaxed feel. Pull the mood together by combining high and low candles, with the highest point in the centre. Then use foraged blooms and leaves to run across the whole table, spilling gently onto the ground. Lighting is a key element to create the atmosphere you want – add pockets of light with bistro lights and lanterns spread around at different heights. For that final touch, overlap outdoor rugs. Go subtle with natural hues or bold with clashing patterns, and because it’s not a permanent feature, you can go as wild as you want.

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Replace winter fabrics such as velvet and corduroy with fresh cottons and linens. When it comes to your selection of scatters, bedding and curtains, mix light and heavyweight fabrics for a space that feels plush and airy. When choosing smaller decor pieces, I love glass for summer. Position close to natural light for the sun beams to shine through the glass elements and trickle into your space, creating magical moments of light throughout the day. Combine modern, coloured and cut glass vases with other decor elements for an eclectic mix that represents your style. And then lastly, add extra height to your glass installation with big leafy greens – a beautiful and fresh focal point in any room.

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