Take a walk in Head of Buying Ricci Shachar’s shoes


Words: Foyin Ogunrombi | Photography: Steve Marais

Just like fashion, each season brings with it its own footwear updates and shoe trends to explore. And while that may be enticing, it’s often hard to know which trends are cyclical, which ones will only be in for the season and which shoes we actually should be investing in for years to come. To help sharpen your levels of discernment, we turn to Ricci Shachar, Superbalist’s Head of Buying. Find out about her personal shoe journey, what she classifies as timeless shoes and how exactly to shop for them.


What are the top five essential shoes that we need in our wardrobes?

You always need a great black heel, a fresh pair of white low-top sneakers, a black ankle boot for everyday wear in winter with a slight block heel, a good leather sandal for summer and a high-trend pair of shoes relevant for the season, depending on what that seasonal trend is.

What was the first pair of investment shoes you bought and do you still have them?

Growing up as a 90s kid, my first pair of investment shoes was a pair of Buffalos, which were your must-have shoes for rave kids and also a nod to Spice Girl fashion. I definitely do not have them anymore, even though they have made a resurgence.

What’s the most you’ve ever spent on a classic pair of shoes? Were they worth it?

I’ve spent a few thousand rands on good leather boots. It’s always worth the money to have a high-quality pair of shoes that lasts you many seasons.


What should we look out for to ensure that we’re buying a classic pair?

It's key to look for something versatile that you can wear with multiple outfits. Think about the end-use of your shoes and whether they will work for that wardrobe purpose.

Is it worth spending lot of money on trendy shoes? Which ones are the best to invest in because they keep coming back?

Personally, I think high-trend pieces shouldn’t be hugely costly as you won't get longevity from your wear. Generally, the trends that keep on being recycled are shoes with a pop of colour — and you can't go wrong with animal print.

What is your dream pair of shoes?

The clean white Saint Laurent sneakers.

And your favourite “new classic”?

The pointed courts with great heel detail or the thin-strap sandal heel that’s super versatile.

I would love to spend the day in...

Leandra Medine Cohen’s shoes. She has such a great collection of quirky-cool footwear and I wouldn't mind dipping into her New York lifestyle.

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