How To Make It Work

Office-approved fashion that works just as hard as you do.


Words: Foyin Ogunrombi | Photography: Luke Kuisis

While concern for keeping things appropriate and professional may hinder your fashion experimentation, we have the styling advice on how to update your office wardrobe while still remaining on-trend and corporate-friendly.

Tips On Tonal

Create a visually modern look wearing the same hue head-to-toe or by pairing items from the same colour but in different shades. The key is to mix-and-match textures and prints while keeping the same colour palette in your office attire — down to the shoes and accessories. For those in a more relaxed workplace, opt for a chunky sneaker in the same shade as your outfit, else a more formal environment, going for a sleek monochromatic boot or court shoe helps tie together this effortless look.

Renovate your office dress looks by incorporating an array of prints and patterns. Don’t fear polka dots and bold geometric patterns because it’s easy to elevate printed dresses to a corporate level by layering them over chic polo-necks and pairing them with barely-there, strappy heels.

The shirt update

While you can’t replace the chic simplicity of a collared shirt, you can update it. Experiment with alternative silhouettes such as looser sleeves, cinched waists and integrating utility-inspired pockets for a more modern flair. If you want to make it the star of your look, layer it over a darker polo-neck instead of wearing it under a blazer or coat.

Animal Agenda

Animal print is a seasonless staple that doesn’t need to be excluded from your work wardrobe. To easily integrate it into your office attire, opt for more subdued tones like deep brown or grey skirts and blouses, as well as animal print shoes and accessories. Pairing these with more neutral items like a black blazer helps ease the print into your workwear.

Final touches

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Simple and clean accessories like hairpins and clips round off any outfit. Delicate chains paired over a turtleneck add a youthful edge to an otherwise formal look. Multiple embellished hair clips work not only to keep hair out of your face, but integrate a big hair trend into your look. Dainty accessories like thin rings, chains and bracelets are the most innocuous trends that can easily work their way into your working wardrobe.