The 5 Must-Have Pieces For Your Home

Warm up your living space for the winter season.


Words: Nhlanhla Masemola | Images: Supplied

As South Africans are generally people of the sun, winter is not our forte. It’s drab, uncomfortable and quite frankly, a little unbecoming. But the cold doesn’t have to be boring and dull, it can be a great reason to bring life into your space and visually warm up your home. We’ve highlighted 5 winter essentials that can help you keep the cold at bay in your home.


Bring in a little modernity and texture with an ottoman. Fabrics like velvet not only elevate a space by imbuing retro-glamour, but they help the room feel cosier.

The Rug

A simple way to bring back the heat is with a sumptuous rug. Perfect for soothing your feet after a long, cold day at work, opt for one in faux fur and give your home a 1970s look and feel.

The cushion

Functional and decorative, pillows are not only a place to rest your head but they also provide you with comfort whilst making your space feel fuller. Using a vibrant or printed pillow can inject colour or texture where needed in your home.


Bring texture and colour to your storage options with an array of baskets. Whether it holds your plants, extra towels, books or blankets to snuggle up with on a chilly evening, baskets are the ultimate a stay-at-home essential.

The throw

Keep your space toasty with a textured throw. Faux fur creates an environment of warmth and allows you to hibernate in your cocoon as soon as the peak of winter truly arrives.

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