Eid Style Simplified

Courtesy of SA’s most fashionable modest dressers.


Words: Daniël Geldenhuys | Images: Instagram

With the countdown to Eid in full swing, there’s no doubt that you’ve been putting some thought into your look for the big celebration. An Eid look becomes all the more important these days since it will be seen by your entire social media following in addition to the usual family and friends. With that in mind, we scoured the gram’s three most fashionable local modest dressers to put together a seamless guide to Eid outfit planning.


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Let it never be said that Aqeelah doesn’t know how to make a statement. It’s the way she does it that’s both practical and clever: by pairing everyday ready-to-wear pieces in ways that make them look luxurious and aspirational. If you’re looking for an Eid outfit that will translate into your everyday wardrobe throughout winter, let @fashionbreed be your style GPS.

Pairing a black poloneck with a bright coloured pleated midi skirt gives you an air of elegance while still playing on modernity. By pairing this look with a sleek black blazer and bold ankle boots, it showcases how you can elevate your everyday clothing items to move into Eid territory.

The takeaway: each item in this look can pair with other pieces in your wardrobe.


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Life is too short to underdress – a concept Thameenah clearly takes to heart. Her feed is a feast of colour, print, embroidery, metallics and more. No matter how extra, her looks are always built around a clear concept that translates into a mature, relatable opulence. If you see Eid as the perfect opportunity to indulge your style fantasies, put @thameenah_saint on your mood board.

Monochrome lace crowned with a ruffled collar and cinched with a crystal broach are perfectly suited for an Eid celebration. Thameenah keeps the colour palate cool by layering her top over a dove grey dress and puts equal effort into a classic beauty look.

The takeaway: a bold red lip is the perfect way to punctuate your look with a proverbial exclamation point.


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You can count on Nabilah to serve femininity in a way that feels like a modern fairy tale, but we all know there are two sides to every story. Nabilah’s looks are great because of the way she juxtaposes floaty dresses and wistful abayas with edgy accessories, giving her looks a youthful balance between modest and on-trend. @nabilahkariem ability to balance a tough leather belt with a dreamy printed dress showcases her mastery of elegance yet seriousness in her looks.

First of all, let’s take a moment to acknowledge how she’s layered this summer floral maxi into a winter Eid style event. The bold colourful earrings really lock in the formal sensibility, and the simple white top is elegant without detracting from the ensemble. It’s the double belt situation that’s the real star of the show here: an easy-to-achieve styling quirk that creates a point of interest without obstructing the overall visual elegance that is signature Nabilah.

The takeaway: don’t be afraid to take a risk. The payoff is major.

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