A Jacket Of All Trades

3 ways to embolden your winter wardrobe with the latest jackets + coats microtrends.

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Words: Foyin Ogunrombi | Images: Getty Images

When it comes to shopping for coats, it’s easy to get stuck in the realm of neutral colours and familiar textures. We get it — a coat is an investment. They don’t come cheap and trends are fleeting, so you don’t want to just buy any coat. But if you’ve been paying attention, there are a few trends that come around more often than not, so investing in them only makes sense. Since you’ve probably gotten your essentials covered (here’s a run down in case you need a reminder), this is the time to experiment and indulge in a few microtrends. Get ready to become a jacket of all trades and a master of all.

Bold Jackets

Bold coloured blazers and long coats make the perfect addition of vibrance to your wardrobe. While pastel colours seem to be making a reappearance for our spring palette, winter is about going deep, bright and bold to counteract the drab and dullness of the weather.

Faux Fur Textures

Accent your biker and trucker jackets, blazers or parkas with a faux-fur collar and detailing. If those weren’t enough options for you, why not go ahead and get a full on faux-fur jacket or teddy coat? Investing in a faux-fur jacket will see you through many seasons while slipping on a teddy coat will make you feel like you’re wearing a blanket all day long.


Why stop with printed tops, dresses and boots when you can also wear art on your sleeve? Style a printed coat over a full printed outfit to add some edge to a special occasion, or place it on top of neutral attire for day-to-day wear. Whether you’re into classic leopard print or new-age serpents, prints are a fun way to experiment with your outerwear.