If you rent, read this

Space savvy + flexible furnishings for on-the-go living


Words: Annette Minnaar | Styling: Charl Edwards | Photographed by Inge Prins at the BLOK showroom

You love the city, we get it. So do we.

Only problem is, your adoration is shared by many and so apartments come stacked and space is limited.

Just because you enjoy living in the epicentre of ubiquitous organic markets and ceaseless car hooting cacophony, does not mean that your apartment décor and layout has to be predictable or visually jarring.

Here's how to live in the city and have the space to house your winter and summer wardrobe, entire book collection, miscellaneous display of tchotchkes as well as an adaptable layout that can be changed up as frequently as your address.

Where do I put all my clothes?

If you rent, read this

Your cupboards and shelves are overflowing, but instead of pulling a Marie Kondo, why not invest in the mobile option of grid storage baskets, the ever-trendy room ladder and a clothing rack? This way, your wardrobe that is most applicable to the season will be in-range and of easy access.

Group together monochromatic clothing items, in baskets and on clothing racks, to add a pop of colour to your bedroom or, for a cleaner aesthetic, use neutral tones. Different textures and materials can be paired and displayed on a room ladder to create a statement piece out of items you already own.

Where do I put all my other stuff?

If you rent, read this

Two words: Multi-functional furnishings. If James Bond was renting an apartment, it would be filled with these gems that incorporate top-secret compartments. Ottomans that act as seating and storage space, shelves displaying art that open up to reveal, you guessed it, more storage space. The perfect space solution for more private belongings or those that you don't use regularly.

How do I create more space?

If you rent, read this

It's all smoke and mirrors for the city-slicker. Mirrors are a gorgeous visual illusion to open up your space. Perfect for the bedroom, lounge and of course bathroom; a mirror will make your space look bigger while adding both style and practicality. Elevate your belongings with wall hooks and mounted shelves to create more floor space and a dynamic room layout.

How do I change things up?

If you rent, read this

Renting isn't permanent – so why does your home layout have to be? Changing up your space is like getting a new hair-do, except better. When investing in furniture, opt for modular pieces that can be combined and spaced out in numerous layouts, pieces that come on wheels to make your refreshes effortless as well as plants for a rejuvenating effect. Always keep your current furnishings and décor in mind so that new pieces do not compete but rather enhance or complement – you need a good base collection to work with.

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