The dos and don'ts of V Day style

With a little help from the Biebers...

Words: Daniël Geldenhuys | Photography: Getty 

The most daunting date night of the year is fast approaching. Unless you've booked a table at an establishment that allows you to fall back on a classic evening dress or tuxedo, you better start planning a look. The right Valentine's Day outfit usually involves hitting the mark midway between being your most candid self and trying way too hard – sloppiness or going over the top can be dangerous.

Who better to school us than Hollywood newlyweds Justin and Hailey Beiber? At the time of writing, the couple has been married since September 2018, but have postponed their ceremony for the second time. For now, their prenuptial summer holiday in New York City (and beyond) serves as helpful roadmap through the treacherous terrain of date night styling dos and don'ts.

the biebers

Does Hailey ever not hit the mark? Her ensembles are feminine with either a touch of streetwear or rock 'n roll. Her denim Versace jacket suit (note the high-waisted trousers) with white crop top was a fashion moment. It's hard to top the effortless cool of her black-and-red floral mini dress paired with slouchy oversized jacket and tough lace-up boots. The key ingredient to Hailey's style is a sense of simplicity and contrast. Step 1: She picks out a strong item like a floral dress or denim skirt suit. Step 2: She contrasts either the style or colour (or both) of her clothes with a pair of sneakers. Step 3: She adds dainty metal necklaces and rings that personalise but don't distract from her look.

And then there's Justin. It would be so easy to dismiss his style as sloppy sleepy sweatpats.com, especially next to the almost editorial style of his wife. Yet, there's a sense of (please excuse this pun) purpose in the way he dresses, most evident in his orange hoodie over lime green cap look. The Hawaiian floral shirt paired with shredded denim shorts, like it or not, feels undeniably calculated. There's a certain confidence that comes with being Justin Beiber that helps too. It's that sense of self-surety, the kind that prompts you to serenade your bae from a fountain outside Buckingham palace, which will ensure you pull off any look.

Nowhere is the disconnect between Hailey and Justin's styling more evident than Hailey's Versace suit moment. Next to Justin in his baggy black shorts and hotel slippers, you'd never say the two were together if they weren't holding hands. Perhaps it's best to read this image as an example of the inexplicable 'opposites attract' nature of love. A reassuring message that, so long as you're unapologetically yourself, you will attract the perfect partner. All this to say that your best Valentine's dressing strategy is to combine Hailey's modern cool styling with Justin's unwavering sense of self. That's a look, a mood, and a savagely attractive vibe. 

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