Small space solves: the modular sofa

Superbalist's new modular sofa is designed to fit every stage of your life

modular sofa

Photography: Glen Montgomery | Styling: Charl Edwards

Based on the furniture you'll see in airport lounges, hotel lobbies and upscale office environments – Superbalist's new modular sofas are multifunctional pieces where work, relaxation and social interactions may occur simultaneously.

Perfect for the nomadic home, this pick-up-and-go, completely customizable furniture system comprises individually upholstered units that are able to be pushed together to create configurations that suit your individual and ever-changing needs.

Monastic in its simplicity, this small and lightweight sofa grows with you and to prove it we applied the principles of modularity to six situations you may find yourself in. 

best modular sofa

With a low seat on which to perch, the corner unit is best for bedrooms and is a piece of furniture on which you'll do everything from sipping a glass of wine while texting your girlfriends, to pulling on those stubborn thigh high boots. The back support and arm rest makes for the perfect temporary clothing rail, too.  

best modular sofa

The compact size and open sides of the modular sofa allows guests to swivel from one conversation to the next with ease. This arrangement is perfect for when you'd like to be close to someone without having to actually talk to them; you know, like when you want to be with someone while being on your phone. Simply push a corner unit alongside a single seater to create a social setting that won't overwhelm smaller bachelor apartments. 

best modular sofa

Instead of dedicating space in your home to creating a conventional home office, do more with less and use our modular sofa for the preferred work-from-home solution. Both soft and inviting, this sofa will maintain its shape when hard-work calls and when shifting shape allows for one of the pieces to serve as table to rest a laptop. Once finished you may slide the pieces together, put your feet up and lose yourself in a book and your cosy reading nook. 

best modular sofa

When your living arrangement needs to adapt from looking out for Number One to accommodating a Plus One, an L-shaped sofa is always a winner. This modular sofa by Sixth Floor is deep with wide seats and by incorporating a corner unit, a single seater and two ottomans – it makes for an incredibly comfortable configuration that's perfect for lounging, loafing or loving. 

best modular sofa

Whether you want to host regular bad-movie marathons with your girlfriends or have simply grown tired of rolling off the couch when Netflix-and-chill becomes heated, by adding two additional pieces to your L-shape sofa you'll create an extremely deep sofa-bed that makes every night feel like a VIP slumber party. Bring in plush scatter cushions, pillows, throws and other softs to create the coziest spot in the house this winter. 

best modular sofa

If you ever get to a stage in your life where you're keeping different modular sofa configurations in different rooms of your home, their lightweight manoeuvrability allows you to bring them all together for those special occasions. For this particular arrangement we used the slipper chair from our dream bedroom, two units from our home office and two more from our waiting room, the L-shaped sofa from our imaginary lounge as well as the six pieces required for the movie pit. The result is an island formation that's perfect for entertaining. Instead of pushing furniture out to the edges of the room the central island allows guests to mingle much more naturally than what's dictated by traditional setups. 

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