The Mixtape Vol. 192

Alec Lomami grew up Idolizing Congolese Rumba singers like Papa Wemba and JB Mpiana but alas, the music gods didn't bless him with singing abilities, and so he became a reluctant rapper instead

Alec Lomami grew up Idolizing Congolese Rumba singers Like Papa Wemba and JB Mpiana but alas, the music gods didn't bless him with singing abilities. Which is why he became a reluctant rapper instead, and says "I rap because I can't sing. My sound is a blend of Congolese pop music, Afropop, and Hip Hop."

Listen to his mix and read our interview with the artist after the jump. 

What's the first Album you ever bought?

Hmmmmm, I wanna say Wenge Musica's Pentagone.

What inspired Immaculate Taste?

It was born out of necessity. I started executive producing my cousin, WELL$ and my brother and I started managing him in the meantime, you know, until, we get him a "real" manager or a deal. Instead, we got good at it, so we're still here.

Where are you based?

I'm currently based in NC but I guess I'm still in denial because I still say Kinshasa.

How has your travel influenced your music?

I think it made me more of what I already was. Growing up in Congo with over 250 languages, you learn to be receptive to many sounds and cultures. Even in our popular music, there's songs I may not understand. So I carry that open spirit wherever I go.

Which festival or events you most looking forward to this summer?

I have a few cities on my wishlist. I would love to play in Nairobi, Dakar, Abidjan, Johannesburg, Paris, London, and Montreal.

Describe your dance style?

Like every self-respecting Congolese, there's a lot of hip swinging and leg moves.

What's the most exciting thing about music right now?

I have been super excited about what the new crop of young African artists have been doing. There's a sense of freedom to create whatever they want. They create music that's both rooted in African culture yet not afraid to explore outside of national borders. I wanted to capture some of that magic in my mix.

Which artists are you currently obsessed with?

I have been obsessed with Anatii's new Album IYEZA. He made the album I wish I made.

Which artists would you love to collaborate with or share the stage with in the future?

I would love to collaborate with Yvonne Chaka Chaka.

Any gigs coming up soon?

I'll open for Kenyan band Sauti Soul in NY and play at one of Mooshine collective party next year.


1)WELL$ - Dreams of An Insomniac

2) AYLO - Still II

3)Odunsi The Engine - Outcast

4) Mozlie - Vatel ( Feat Kid X)

5)Anatii - Ndaweni

6) Burna Boy - Koni Baje

7) Amaarae - Fluid

8) Dj Henry x Wizkid - Like This

9) Santi - Rapid Fire ( Feat Shane Eagle & Amaarae

10)WELL$ - 130

11) Yanga Chief - uTatakho

12) Sir Loma - BB ( Duro Remix)

13) WELL$ - 608 in Cleveland

14) La Meme Gang - Yaa Baby

15) Prettyboy DO - Pull Up ( Feat Santi)

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