Gift everyone in your life for under R3500

Lucky you – here's the ultimate gift guide for the 7 most important people in your life

ultimate gifting guide

There's a lot of talk about post-consumerism and how people nowadays want experiences, not stuff. If that's you, cool; you do you, boo. However, most of us aren't that way inclined and still want something more tactile than an Insta photo when it comes to the receiving end of gifting season. And while we may not know your family and friends personally, we do know gifting, and so setting aside the schmaltz we've got into the spirit of the season with a practical list that allows you to spread good style to all for under R3500. Which leaves you with enough to gift yourself. Lucky you

If you've been living with your partner for a while then you'll know that gifting is no longer a case of surprise-and-delight and is more an opportunity to purchase practical home updates. Those who aren't cohabiting may balk, but long-term-live-ins understand that true love is picking out new linens, bedspreads, towels, cushions and other home decor, together. Even better is when you know your partner's taste so well you're able to pick out the perfect home updates without their help.

Budget: R500

Fast track: Gifts For The Homemaker

Gift Idea: If you're that couple who likes to invite everyone over to yours, play hosts with the most this season by upgrading your glassware, servers and more for memorable home entertaining.

On the other hand you may find yourself in a different sort of situationship... If you haven't met his friends and family yet, most communication is a late night "U up?" text and you're both loathing a "So what are we and where's this going?" conversation, but still want to gift him, then now is not the time to pour your heart out or break the bank. A gift as coolly uncommitted and fun as everything else you do should do the trick just fine.

Budget: R300

Fast track: socks and jocks

Gift ideas: A backpack for his baggage. A pair of sunglasses or a cap for the shade. A phone accessory to stop him from ghosting you. Fresh socks and jocks because you don't want to see his dirty laundry. 

This woman brought you into the world and for that you owe her the world. Because moms are selfless, always putting everyone else before them, this is the perfect opportunity to splash out on the type of things she'd never consider buying herself.

Budget: R1000 (Keep an eye on our silly season offers to stretch this even further)

Fast track: Gifts for Her

Gift ideas: A luxury perfume to keep her smelling as sweet as she is, a designer watch because she always has time for everyone else, or a beauty hamper to keep her as beautiful on the outside as she is within. Awwwww... 

Whether you're vibing a dude in some heavy arrested development and who'll probably forever be stuck in his 20s, or living with someone who's become an extension of yourself – the man you'll use to benchmark all others is someone who will always love you unconditionally, and like mom deserves to be spoilt for a change.

Budget: R1000 

Fast track: Gifts for the know-it-all

Gift ideas: Dads love to connect, so why not get him a Bluetooth speaker to blast his dad rock from or, depending on whether mom shares the same taste in music, wireless headphones? Worried about your dad's ballooning gut and heart health? Get him to commit to getting in shape with a fitness tracker. Otherwise any other gadget or tech device that he can bring out at the braai and brag to his friends about will do.

While you're tempted to do what you did last year – slip a blue buffalo into an envelope with an obscure handwritten note – this year the limit has increased by R50 and you're inspired to gift something that much more memorable. This is always as much about getting a few laughs when the giftee opens their present as it is the spirit of giving, so remember to have some fun with it. 

Budget: R150 

Fast track: Stocking fillers

Gift ideas: It all depends on who you pull, and if that's the office grump then gift them the loudest pair of Happy Socks you can find. The office pen thief? A pen holder for their stash. That weird guy in IT who starts every day with a Monster energy drink and refuses to wear shoes to work? A yoga mat and gym towel combo. Slogan coffee mug? Or simply filter by price and see what practical gifts fit your budget.

You know this person better than anyone, how she's already pre-brought season tickets to Pantone Sundays, is "interested" in attending Afropunk (on Facebook at least) and for the most part has the same day plan for her holiday as you do: brunch, best friends, drinks and dates. She's also got some pretty good dirt on you, so best you get it right.

Budget: R500

Fast track: Lingerie and sleepwear + beauty + women's accessories

Gift Ideas: Cute items that will help her to build killer outfits will go a long way in helping her make the most of her wardrobe (and stop her from always asking to borrow from yours).

He's the same weirdo he's always been, only now "knowing computers" is cool and while he hasn't stopped collecting obscure anime figurines it's starting to look like the app idea he's working on is about to take off. A small investment now could yield high returns once he sells his little startup to Naspers. 

Budget: R300

Fast track: mens accessories

Gifting ideas: Save him from himself with some style updates that will allow him to dress the part for his first round of investor meetings. You really don't need to add to the track pants and hoodie collection that he lives in when embedded in marathon coding sessions.

Okay, so what are you going to do with all that money you've saved? Spend it on yourself! It may be years since you posted a letter addressed to Mr. Claus in the North Pole, but we bet you'll still get a kick out of making a wishlist. This can be used for your self-gifting needs or you may pass it on to the people in your life. Because if you don't ask you won't get, so create your wishlist, share it and let your friends and family decide on whether you've been naughty or nice. 

Budget: ???

Fast track: Wishlist

Gifting ideas: Build as broad a list as possible, priced high to low, so that whoever you share your wishlist with will find something that suits their pocket. Another tip you can have for free – you have to include a pink flamingo float, an Instax camera, designer sunglasses, a luxury fragrance, a big-ticket item such as the Marshall speaker (it could happen?) and then all of the shoes.

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