Pantone Sundays

Here's what you need to know about Joburg's newest fun day

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After four years of bringing good food, good music and good people together through The Wknd Social, Nandi Dlepu hasn't stopped curating and building platforms for Johannesburg's burgeoning creative scene. We were notably sad to see the much loved brunch and day party come to an end but interests were piqued when she launched her monthly rooftop party, Feel Good Series. 

pantone sundays

Since its July 2017 launch, Feel Good Series has become one of Joburg's coolest rooftop parties and saw Nandi proving that she knows how to bring people together. Come October 2018 Mamakashaka (Nandi is popularly known by her IG handle and company name) will be launching her latest event series called PANTONE SUNDAYS.

pantone sundays

Pantone Sundays is a color themed party, with the dress code of each edition sourcing inspiration from this summer's fashion and colour reports. The monthly event will be held at Razor Charlie, a Latin eatery just below Katy's Palace Bar often described as a hidden gem with its lush greenery and vibrant pops of colour. But aesthetics alone aren't what make a party and Nandi believes curation and listening to your community is key. 

pantone sundays

"It's important to have a well considered and curated experience. I also always try to offer the people something different yet accessible. Pantone Sunday's is colour driven but fashion is but one touch point and I urge guests to get fun and creative with how they choose to express that. The musical landscape is also a welcomed departure for me, too. Pantone Sundays will be a combination of Lounge, Bossa Nova, Trap house jazz, Afro Beats and Samba. For me, Pantone Sundays sounds, looks and feels like summer."

pantone sundays

The series launches Sunday 11 November with YELLOW, a colour that represents joy, clarity, energy, cheerfulness and FUN. Make sure to follow @pantonesundays on Instagram to stay updated, secure your tickets and shop Superbalist for your Pantone Sundays outfit

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