Best Holiday Accessories For Men

What to pack when you're heading out on an adventure in the bush, chilling on the beach or keeping it slick in the city

By Jason Basson and Steve Marais

The worst part about going anywhere is realizing that you forgot half the things you needed to really enjoy the experience; things like your passport, sunscreen, hard cash… your children, even (we're looking at you Home Alone). And while some of those are obvious (Kevin!), we've decided to help you focus on what's really important by alleviating the burden of thinking about all those extras on your own. As such we've thrown together a few essentials to help you on your way. Bon packing and bon voyage!

Seaside Sauntering

Best Summer Accessories

When it comes to the life aquatic you'll obviously come prepped with sunscreen and a good book, but to be truly stylish you'll want to consider the following: blackout shades to make people-watching less creepy (for them), a portable speaker to drown out the sound of other people's children, plenty of skin hydrating serum to make sure you don't look thirsty, a super fresh smelling fragrance appropriate to your environment and an inflatable beach ball (just to let people know you're open to friendship). Of course, the one thing that we often forget (and is so important) is a spanking new beach towel. Not a bath towel and not the towel supplied by whichever resort you happen to be at – an actual beach towel that says, 'this is how stylish I am, now bring me my drink!'.

Way-out Wanderlust

Best Summer Accessories

Let's face it: the last thing you want to think about when meandering through the wilderness is shaving. So why not let this be an opportunity to turn that beard into a mighty mane, perfectly oiled and combed to perfection so it doesn't gather dust and twigs and end up looking like a thatch of tumbleweed. Complement your bearded look (and those cool nights in the wild) with a copper hipflask filled with a fine single malt whisky. And don't forget a sporty fragrance to keep you on the ride side of rugged. Keep all your essentials together in a beautiful leather travel kit.

City Sightseeing

Best Summer Accessories

Travelling to a big city means unexpected micro-adventures, some more enjoyable than others; things like lost luggage at airports, hours of walking, exploring underground nooks and cultural crannies, meeting strangers in bars and listening to some new music in between. Consider the following to help smooth over the experience: a passport holder and luggage tag, over-ear headphones and a luxury evening fragrance with all the right masculine notes for meeting said strangers (complete with facial care regime, of course). Perhaps also consider some hair clay or putty and a sneaker cleaning kit to make sure you stay looking your best, top to bottom and at all hours of the day.

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