Wiz Khalifa wants you to boss up your socks

Standout style starts with your socks – these will put Spring in your step and a smile on your dial

Wiz Khalifa Happy Socks

Multi-platinum selling rapper Wiz Khalifa is a firm believer in wearing whatever makes you happy, which in his case has never been a fully buttoned up shirt… Still, somehow it works and his collab with Swedish sock brand Happy Socks encapsulates his philosophy perfectly.

Possibly the most underrated part of any fit, for the longest time socks have been a bland and covered up afterthought. This doesn't necessarily have to be the case. Just look at Wiz who, expressing his lifelong affinity for statement socks, understands the power that the perfect pair has in adding a bit of panache to any outfit.

Statement socks are a shoe-in to be the focal point of your outfit – especially when featuring colourful, playful prints that epitomise originality and creativity. They range from eye-catching paisley designs to trippy, floral patterns as well as camo prints. 

There's 'No Limits' to the statement sock combinations you can make with these and whether you're looking to look your best for 'Pretty Nights' or simply want to slide around your 'House in the Hills', Happy Socks have a pair for you. And if you're going to be difficult about it then why not do-it-yourself in two mismatched pairs – 'Black and Yellow' perhaps?

Vibrant, bold colours literally turn a humble wardrobe staple into the centrepiece of your look. They're ideal for personalising your work outfits or for injecting a new life into your casualwear. For example, statement socks always peek through when worn with formal pants, giving you extra style points. While on the more casual side, the radiant colours tend to pop even more with a pair of clean, white sneakers.

Statement socks are super versatile and can be worn with a variety of outfits. Rock them with a plain tee and some light-wash denims to add a contrasting, standout aspect to your fit or channel your inner maximalist and wear them with a fully colour-blocked look. Anything can work with this collection, whether you're sporting some chunky sneakers or you're rolling in a pair of slides, they're bound to add something new to your look.

All that's left is to match with the right pair of kicks, so take your pick: here.

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