The Mixtape Vol. 177

Brownpepperann brings a cool selection of South African artists and upbeat tunes

There are few selectors who understand how to tell a story quite like Browpepperann. She has an innate ability to curate and cultivate, ensuring that her sets are both entertaining and illuminating. She will be performing at the Fak'ugesi Beats Bloc Party in Johannesburg on Saturday 29 September.

Who are you and what do you do?

I am Brownpepperann, a little whimsical and a lot of fun girl born and raised in Evaton, a township south of Johannesburg. I am a creative director by day, I work with young creatives from illustrators to 3D Modellers to kickass copy writers who constantly inspire through the work they produce and music that's blasted in the studio everyday.

What's your sound story?

I've spent hours digging and researching and trying to put sounds to my feelings, I had to find an outlet/platform that allowed me showcase these gems I have found. As a result, I honestly fell into DJing mostly because I wanted to share music with the world. My sound is mood based.

Which bands / music did you grow up listening to and what are you into nowadays?

Music played a big role in my household growing up. Even though none of my parents are musicians, the sound system was always on, be it waking up to the smell of Handy Andy and Lou Rawls, Whitney Houston or Donna Summer, depending on my mother's mood or jamming to mellow reggae and African jazz from my dad's collection. Music set the tone. I have to say that my sister influenced my love for neo-soul and hip hop, we both believed that Q-Tip would come through and marry her one day but alas…

I listen to everything.

What's your favourite music festival and why?

I'm constantly in search of new sounds and with that been said, I would say that I am looking forward to this year's edition of Fakugesi Bloc Party. The fusion of electronic music both local and international artists intrigues me.

Describe your dance style.

"I don't dance, I make money moves"

Kidding, my dance style is kinda classy kinda hood. Like, I can't vosho but I'll twalatsa you straight into the 90's beybs…

Tell us about this mix you've made for us.

I've dubbed this mix the pre-game vibe, with a cool selection of South African artists such as Nonku Phiri, RMBO and Muzi accompanied by upbeat tunes by Mura Masa and Zikomo. A little trippy dancy sound that will definitely get you geared up for a fun night out.

Where can we watch you play and keep up with all the things you're doing?

I'll be playing at the Fakugesi Block party on the 29th of September. I can't believe I'm on the same line up as Zikomo, Black Milk, Potatoehead People and Morena Leraba.

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