#SUPERBME: The Missguided Edition

We said 'It's a Look', you shopped it and made us look

#superbame: missguided

Words: Jabulile Dlamini-Qwesha | Images: Supplied

We called it and said Missguided is every fashion fave's favourite brand and you guys – our actual fashion faves – gave us back up we were never ready for with FIRE #superbme entries. How this works is: we choose a theme for the month and you guys post #OOTD on IG wearing pieces you shopped on Superbalist and our follower with the best look wins their order back. 

Our winner for June is Whitney Swartz in her black vinyl trench, but every second entry deserved a mention, so here's a list with our winning look and the others that got a nod (in no particular order)....

The Vinyl Trench 

the vinyl trench

Whether you're into it because of how all things The Matrix (including the glasses) are have been influencing trends or you just love it when a classic gets a refresh, this vinyl trench coat is an undeniable closet hero. The one piece that was so nice, we had to twice, Whitney and Summer showcase its full spectrum of slay

The Fire-flame Platforms

the fire-flame platforms

Did anyone call the hot stepper? Zolfreckles's fire-flame platform heels are a moment and a look, on their own! But the expert detail matches of the denim and blue nail polish fuel the inferno in an unexpected way. 

The Fancy Pants 

the fancy pants

Of course, Kirsty would wear silver coated skinny jeans with red accessories, what else would a #babeofmisguided do? A slick, stylish ensemble in every sense, the considered colour pairings make this the kind of look you enjoy even more as you unpack it. 

The Pretty Pink Pants 

the pants that are pretty and pink

Polished, playful, yet still striking Nuzhah's pretty pink look is a cute juxtaposition of "soft" and "fierce". When you're a modern day Kim Possible, but you make it fashion... Nuzhah, we see you, girl. 

The Camo Pants 

the camo pants

Fikile schools us on the art of owning the rules in her nude camo trousers and it proves to be every bit a stylish moment worth taking notes on. Offsetting them with utility boots and a parka, she could be inspired by Destiny's Child's Survivor or she could be channeling a look Rihanna's Nine Ball character on Ocean's 8 would wear, either way the only appropriate reaction is a *bomb emoji*.

The Camo Boiler Suit

the camo boiler suit

Granted, this jumpsuit makes a standout statement on its own, so you'd likely put together a head-turning look no matter how you style it. But what makes Roxanna's look come through as a solid formation of a "YAAAS!" is the impeccable attention to detail: she used black as base that blends in with the camo and reinforces the piece's toughness, and then matched her maroon tote with key colour on the print, making sure it's gonna get as much air time as the jumpsuit. GENIUS.

The Trousers That Pop AF AF 

the trousers that pop af af

Aptly named the wide leg popper jogger, these are either sold out in your size or quickly only become available at a low stock unit count with every colour way that drops. And tbh, they're a trans-seasonal essential with all the makings of winner: the side-stripe gives you a tick for "on-trend AF" and the button-up situation means you can layer away in winter or have flirty fun like Deeshana, who looks every bit the quintessential #babeofmissguided in hers.

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