4 Layering Hacks to Survive the Rest of Winter

Whether it’s with pops of colour or looks that pack a power punch, make your style work for you double time

winter layering

Words: Jabulile Dlamini-Qwesha | Styling: Leandro De Sousa Benito & Amber Barker | Photography: Bevan Davis

The coldest stretch of winter where the plummeting temperatures require you to pack in the greater portion of your wardrobe into a look, for any semblance of warmth, is probably the trickiest in terms of style. Layering up warm winter staples in a way that won’t have you looking like a complete fool in the streets is a gift very few people possess, a skill you don’t have to feel ashamed to not have mastered yet. But as with most things, there are quick cheats and tricks for you to combine dresses, trousers, knits, boots, jackets into cohesive style that carries you through the chill. Here are four ways you can start switching it up to make your wardrobe go the distance twice over…


winter layering: pops of colour

At this stage where the novelty of wearing coats and jackets has worn off, winter can get quite boring and it’s up to you to keep in interesting with your style. Counter the dullness with cute pops of colour and pattern, and reinvent a summery two-piece by contrasting it with a bright knit and jacket.


winter layering: statement piece

Decide on a statement piece and build your look up to make it stand out as much as possible. Take a check blazer, for instance, it’s one of the power dressing staples for the season and with its monochromatic colour way, you can get away with setting it off with black and white and it’s sure to stand out such that you can either repeat the jersey or shirt you wore with it a day or two later, without anyone noticing.


winter layering: tonal

This winter is a moment for the white boot, which also happens to be the perfect starting point for tonal layering. For a polished look that gives as much in sophistication as it does in warmth, focusing on a monochromatic colour scheme wins without fail.


winter layering: dress and pants

An age old trick that’s just got a reboot, layering a dress with pants extends the lifespan of your winter wardrobe while allowing you to clock some style cred. Opt for side stripe on the trousers and a whimsical floral print maxi for a refreshing juxtaposition of form and fit, throwing on a matching puffer just goes without saying here.

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