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G-Star RAW

Denim is a transcendent material that never goes out of style and at the top of the denim brand hierarchy is G-Star RAW. Each piece in our selection of G-Star RAW designer denim is an investment and reaches far beyond seasonal trends. The luxury denim brand specializes in expertly tailoring untreated and unwashed raw denim. Superbalist’s latest G-Star RAW store features curated denim, shirts, tees, dresses and more designer items for men and women from the prolific brand. Shop the newest G-Star RAW denim online at Superbalist – once you go G-Star RAW, there’s no going back.

G-Star RAW

G-Star’s philosophy is “just the product” and since their inception in 1989 they have essentially created an entirely new denim sector with their luxury jeans accentuated by a street-level edge. By producing sophistically tailored garments for men and women at a high standard of craftsmanship, G-Star has become the most in-demand luxe jeans brand in the world.