6 Reasons Why Missguided is Your Fave's Fave

A brand for the babes that never miss a fashion beat

Superbalist Missguided

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UK-based “rapid” fashion brand Missguided is a relatively new kid on the retail block; it was only established in 2008, but it’s seen major success in relation to its competitors: earning over £700million in value and gaining a substantial international appeal, in that short space of time. With their finger on the pulse of the type of threads their customers need — sometimes even before said customers know that they need them, Missguided’s fangirls range from Nicole Sherzinger, Jourdan Dunn and every IG fave whose stylish feed is worth following. Missguided understands that their customer prefers fashion that's on beat with popular culture and trends, so they drop up to 200 new products on their site every week, some of which are exclusively shoppable on Superbalist.

You're likely to have tapped your style icon's #OOTD posts 'for details' and seen that they've tagged Missguided on some of their best looks, here are six reasons why Missguided is your fave's fave. 

 1. Missguided's range offers you statement fashion choices that are versatile.

Superbalist Missguided

With accessible fashion that is up-to-the-minute, Missguided caters for every woman. They provide enough style options for you to stand out in whatever look you are going for. 

2. You saw a pic of Rihanna wearing it, it blew your mind and you now need to own something similar. The chances are, you can shop it on Missguided.

Superbalist Missguided

Considering the slew of street style inspiration that we're exposed to: from celebrities to our Instagram 'explore' feed, we're always searching for something new. With their team of in-house designers and production team Missguided can turn some styles around in three days.

3. Which is probably why all our fashion faves swear by Missguided...

fashion girls love misguided

The idea of building momentum and waiting some time to be able to get a piece you covet was cute back in the day, but we're all about getting the look, right now. Even high brow fashion houses have cosied up to the idea of fashion you can see, buy and wear now to keep up with the times.

4. Missguided always comes through with popping collabs!

Not only does Missguided create clothing that allows us to create looks inspired by our fashion faves, sometimes Missguided joins forces with them to give us the lewks we never knew we needed. Nicole Scherzinger, Jourdan Dunn, YouTuber Carli Bybel and the iconic Barbie collabs are some that might ring a bell.

5.  Missguided LISTENS to their customers.

Superbalist Missguided

Did you know that their 'Jeans and a Nice Top' campaign came about because a customer tweeted that they wished Missguided would do something to help them to make better pairings? YEP!

6. Missguided is all about the boss babes. 

With the deliberate way in which Missguided aligns themselves to other brands, they also make considered choices when it come to personalities that they use in their campaigns. 

Oh, and there's also the fact that the company is run by a rockstar. Read our interview with Mr Missguided, Nitin Passi, to find out why he believes floating meeting rooms, swings, arcade games, a dance floor, bar, DJ booth and helicoptering in to work are all necessary expenses for the brand's offices and crucial to living the Missguided brand. 

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