Party Packs Personified

A fashion bundle just in time for summer for everyone in your crew

Lucky Packets for Summer Personalities

Words: Nabeel Allie | Collages: Kirsten King

The reason you love your circle of homies is because you each have your own styles and ways of being. You often fall into the trap of buying gifts for them through your own perspective rather than theirs. However, buying a holiday surprise can be tough and you certainly can't bring them along when you're out getting their presents – where's the fun in that? So we've taken it upon ourselves to help you if you're struggling to find things to get them by arranging party packs for a few friends that we think you may have. There may not be mini fizzers and Chomps inside, but they're each filled to the brim with the season's hottest styles.

The trendy kid

Trendy Kid

You definitely know a trendy kid. They’re either a DJ, a model or a part-time stylist. Heck, you may even be a trendy kid yourself – but you have denial as well as cigarettes in your moonbag. When we were packing their summer party packs there were four items that simply had to be in there: a dad hat, a moon bag, Converse One Stars, and a plain white T-shirt. Come rain or shine, night-time or broad daylight, a trendy kid needs something on their head and a dad hat provides an urban look, which is accentuated by their buzz-cut hairstyle. Moon bags are a must for emergency taxi fare, packets of nondescript chips and loose cigarettes – what better way to keep everything when your outfit has literally no pockets? Many trendy kids weren’t old enough to stunt in One Stars during the 90s but in 2017, the time has arrived for them to flourish in a pair. They have a distinct enough silhouette to be high profile, but not too busy to seem like a hypebeast purchase, which makes the best combination for trendy youth. A plain white tee is a staple too: it keeps them grounded and lets them feel connected to the less trendy kids. “It’s just a plain white shirt,” they’ll say. Yes, thank you, but I asked for the time.

The chill girl

The Simple Beast

You’re not mad about swooshes or three stripes across your outfit. In fact, the less branding the better, in your mind. You prefer prints and nautically inspired clothing – yours is a sleek style, the antithesis of the hypebeast. In your party pack we have canvas trainers, Espadrilles and a floral jumpsuit. Call it Spring have some wonderful items for this type of woman. Stuff that's low on branding, high on functionality, and has an easy-to-pair look to top it all off. Espadrilles deliver a cute look, rounding off your aesthetic more than emphasising it. They’re easy on the eye, low maintenance and pair well with almost anything. Business or play, jumpsuits tick all of summer’s boxes and their elegant look, lack of branding and easy-to-bring-your-own-flavour style make them a must for summer.

The Skrr-beast

The Get and Spend

You veil your shopping problem with the defence, “I like things”. Listen, homie: everyone likes things, but you’re buying socks and sneakers that cost the same as the rent for a small apartment. You’re not a sheep for trends and you’re constantly updating your wardrobe for a different look each day. You embrace gender-bending in your fashion so your party pack is eclectic if nothing else. In it is a kimono from the women’s section, a denim cap, statement trousers and out-of-this-world sneakers. These are items that you’ll pair easily with the rest of your wardrobe. A kimono provides a flowing look and is a great addition and splash of print or colour to an otherwise even-toned look, and they look particularly great when worn over plain T-shirts. Bucket hats are overdone in your eyes and even though you can’t substantiate that claim, the cotton feel of a denim cap appeals to and is made better by the fact that you don’t see it everywhere. Sneakers are your outlet for treating yourself because if people can’t appreciate your style like you do then they’re damn well going to gawk at your shoes.

Sister with the torn jeans

Sister with the torn jeans

Sisters with the torn jeans often pair them with adidas Originals Superstars or an otherwise mainstream sneaker – see Nike Roshe. We packed their lucky packet with essentials for enhancing a laidback aesthetic. White Birkenstocks, short block-heels, a golf shirt, and a belt are in this pack. What is summer without stylish sandals? Birkenstocks are history’s most iconic sandal. A white colourway provides a contemporary twist to the German brand’s timeless design. Short block-heeled shoes are an ideal contrast when you’re dressed with an easy-going look and they add an on-the-go feel to your aesthetic. A striking belt will provide a touch of pazazz to your relaxed vibe. Tuck your golf shirt in and pull it out ever-so-slightly to hang over the top of your belt so as not to be too obtuse. Tie all the buttons of your golf shirt up and enjoy the summer sun in style.

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