5 watches for 5 personalities

Cop the timepiece that best suits your lifestyle

Words: Scott Dodds | Photography: Unsplash 

Anyone who says watches are only good for telling the time doesn’t deserve to reap the benefits that come with these functionally stylish companions. They can act as the final piece to an incomplete look, be the foundation around which you shape an outfit, or just give you enough confidence to pull off a style that has you feeling on the fence.

Much like your choice in footwear, your watch selection can say a lot about you – there are different tools for different jobs, and that’s just talking in terms of fashion. Whether it’s an on-the-go lifestyle you need to complement or you’re looking to add some shine to your already-established clout, we’ve broken down some options below to help you source your next piece.

Mr Adventure

adventure watch

You travel with a kit bag packed with gym clothes/hiking boots/running shoes at all times because you never know when the spirit of adventure is going to take hold. You need something lightweight and compact in its design, minimal in its feature set, and not at risk of any water damage, be it sweat or rain. Up steps this timeless digital option from Casio, packed with all the necessities and nothing else, apart from its forever-stylish retro appeal.

Mr Business

business watch

Over at Diesel, subtlety has been completely shelved in their design department with the express goal of constructing eye-catching, statement accessories – this is what you love about them. Your days are spent in suits of varying tones, the standard uniform at your place of work, that’s why you’re looking for something that stands out. You’ve got the cash to spend on the small things, so you know your accessory game is going to be on point. Pairing classic materials with wholly contemporary design cues, this watch is just waiting for the compliments to come in.

Mr Understated

understated watch

As in every aspect of your life, you’re very particular about what you wear. You have your go-to colours, textures, fabrics and styles that have been chosen as a result of years of experience. Daily outfits cycle between a range of chinos, button-ups and a blazer if you’re feeling adventurous, so your choice of accessories must follow suit. Timeless in its design, this watch has the ability to bolster any look, but take a minimal one to new heights. This is a watch that shows you’ve got your life together.

Mr Fashion Week

fashion watch

When you’re not skulking over a Macbook at the local coffee shop, you’re getting that well-curated public image out there at PR launches, influencer meetups and a host of events that we plebs could only dream of getting invited to. You need a timepiece that complements your reputation – that of not only being ahead of the style curve, but successful at it as well. In steps this option, which features a design that will forever stand the test of time, and a glossy gold finish that will look great catching the light from the photographers’ flashes.

Mr Hype

hype watch

70% of your free time is spent standing outside the local streetwear store, posing for lookbooks (#35mm) or queuing in the cold for whatever match-made-in-hell collabs Supreme have planned next. Your love affair with ironic retro dressing ebbs and flows, but you know this watch will always have its time. Thankfully, it’s been in an out of style enough to know it has legs, and while it’s chock-full of function, it’s style is ready to bolster even the most left-field of streetwear looks.

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