Wishlist Tips for Him

For the guy who doesn’t shop at the mall

It’s been a minute since we'd painstakingly scrawl a letter addressed to the north pole, complete with elaborate wish list. The good news is that there’s a grown-man version at your disposal, without any penalties if you’ve happened to be bad, and a lot less likely to disappoint.

Not only does a Wishlist make it easier to build the perfect wardrobe, it’s the best way to ensure that you end up with gifts that you actually want. Because you can buy your own damn socks, right?

Simply put, a Wishlist not only allows you to shop Superbalist at your leisure, adding items to your profile as you browse, which you may then purchase at a later date, it’s also the perfect thing for all those well-intentioned relatives who never seem to get it right.

Currently there are over ten thousand items added to a Superbalist Wishlist every day, and using this data we can confirm that the most popular categories for men are sneakers, T-shirts, jeans, watches and headwear, while the most Wishlisted product features canvas low top sneakers, a tropical print shirt, skinny fit biker jeans, an understated watch and a dad hat.

This is good intel for gift-givers, as well as the guy who wants to keep up.

wish list tips for him

Grouped together the look is strictly holiday, but individually these items form the basis of a summer capsule that will keep them guessing well into the new year. The classic Vans can be dressed up or down and work just as well with skinny black denim as when worn with a pair of shorts. The dad hat is the perfect way to top off a look; the soft-wash vintage feel just the thing to keep the summer sun off your face while saving you from being judged on your holiday hair. The fun foliage filled short-sleeved shirt is the best substitute for your usual monochrome T-shirts, and the watch ensures that you’re on time for all of your festive season engagements.

So why are we telling you this? Because it’s likely that these items will sell out fast. So don’t sleep, and learn how to use the Waitlist function on your app.

And if something is out of stock and you cannot add it to your Wishlist? Simply click your size and then click ‘add to Waitlist’ and you’ll receive a notification when we re-stock. 

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