The Mixtape Vol. 131

Still shook from Migos’ recent South African shows, TWoU made up an interview with the ATL trap trio

This weekend past, award-winning US rap group and originators of the dab Migos performed in Durban and Johannesburg. The (t)rappers made their way to our shores as part of their Culture Tour, courtesy of Mabala Noise in association with MTV Base, BET Africa, YFM and Gagasi FM. For a full review of the shows, head over to Twitter.

After performing at the Durban ICC and Ticketpro Dome in Johannesburg, the ATL trap trio did NOT speak to The Way of Us – for reasons that include Cape Town "being left off bad and boujee".

Let’s just make that clear: The Migos, that’s Quavo (Quavious Marshall), Takeoff (Kirshnik Bal) and Offset (Kiari Cephus), whose album Culture we’re sharing with you today, definitely did not agree to this interview, but we're pretending they did and slotting lyrics from their tracks and freestyles as answers to questions.

Has your lifestyle changed much since you guys became world-famous?

Quavo: “Still be playin’ with pots and pans, call me Quavo Ratatouille.”

What’s the biggest difference between now and your life growing up in North Atlanta?

Offset: “Young Rich N****s, we ain’t really never had no old money. We got a whole lot of new money, though (laughs)”

You guys (Quavo and Takeoff) held on to Offset’s earnings for him while he was locked up. It’s pretty dope that you guys are tight like that.

Takeoff: “I’ma feed my family, ain’t no way around it.”

How do you feel about people keeping tabs on your finances?

Takeoff: “N****s pocket-watching, so I gotta keep the rocket.”

Okay, so let’s talk a little fashion: Offset, you’ve just scored a lifetime discount at Gucci for dropping major bags there recently…

Offset: “I’m young and rich, plus I’m boujee.”

Does that mean you’ve ditched Versace?

Takeoff: “‘Sace that’s my hobby!

Do you have a professional security detail?

Quavo: “I’m always hanging with shooters.”

What’s your approach to relationships now that you’re famous?

Quavo: “I gave her ten racks and told her go shopping and spend it all at the pop-up”

And this wasn’t your first time performing on the continent. You even shot the music video for your smash hit single 'Call Casting' in Lagos after performing at the Beats Music Concert...

(Takeoff flashes pinky ring with diamonds in the shape of African continent. Everybody laughs)

Are your parents proud of your success?

Quavo: “Mama told me not to sell work.”

Offset: “Mama asked me: “son, when the trapping gon’ quit?””

You have come under fire for being homophobic multiple times, most recently after refusing to share the stage with drag queens at your SNL performance with Katy Perry. What’s the deal with that?


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