The Mixtape Vol. 128

Kalo Canterbury brings a high-energy mix, Disco Dollahz style

Photo: Luke Doman 

K-$ is an overall Daddy, International Playboy and definitely your mommy's favourite DJ.

Having always believed that the best music has already been made, the sounds introduced to him as a kid and continued to discover as a teenager have always resonated with him. 

“It's the music I want to paati to. The music I'm most drawn to. I just wanted to share that with the world.”

Listen to K-$ exclusive mix for The Way of Us and get to know him and his style a little better by checking out his style.

Which bands did you grow up listening to and what are you currently into?

Earth, Wind and Fire, The Jacksons, Chic, Sister Sledge, Queen, Depeche Mode, The Spice Girls, Jodeci, New Edition, The Beatles. Brenda and The Big Dudes, The Rockets, Fleetwood Mac, KISS, D'Angelo. I still listen to all of this, but I have a lot of favourite contemporary artists like The Internet, Future, ABRA, ScHoolboy Q too.

What's your favourite music festival and why?

This is tough. In terms of the ones I've played at, CTEMF has always been an important event for South Africans and has a special place in my heart. I'm hype about playing Rocking The Daisies next month too. But in terms of an international festival I'd love to attend or play is Essence Festival in Atlanta. 

Who are your favourite DJs to party to?

My friends Angel-Ho, Pascoe, FYNN, Fela Gucci, Phatstoki, Ra, Sean Munnick and DJ Lag.

Tell us about this mix you've made for us.

This mix is essentially exploring the more Disco Dollahz side of things. I love the genre so much and it really took the world by storm. It was especially important to POC and explored sexuality in a way other genres weren't able to. It's high energy and hype AF.

Where can we watch you play and keep up with all the things you're doing?

All over Cape Town. I love to paati. You can catch me in P.E., Jozi and Durban over the next few months too. Follow the boy on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and you'll know exactly where and when my shows are.

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