Dress Code Upgrades

Three ways to elevate your best dressed game during the wedding season

Words: Nabeel Allie | Photography: REX Features 

Rule #1 for a Wedding Crasher is to never leave one of your own behind. Rule #1 for those of us classy enough to have received an invitation is, ‘If ya’ll fresh to death, then I’m deceased’. Sure, we’re celebrating two other people, but that’s no excuse to not outshine everyone else with a slick, pulled-together outfit. Here are three tips to keep the eyes on you after they say ‘I do’.

Know your colours 

wearing colour at a wedding

Consider your body a blank canvas and your clothing the colours with which you can create your masterpiece. Pick colours that you love and don’t ever settle for blue chinos and a white shirt – you can do so much better. Experiment with bottom-to-top or top-to-bottom gradients or shared tones with your shirt and pants, and pair with a rich, contrasting shoe.

The trouser tip

wedding trousers

We often get strung up on picking the right shirt or a blazer that will keep an outfit together. You’ll take that blazer off, and in no time you will unbutton that shirt, but unless you’re something of a wild-man, those pants aren’t coming off. Get the basics right and ensure they’re well-fitting and aren’t taut on the inner thigh, or take a lesson from the East and slip into a pair of loose cotton pants.

Let your feet flourish

sandals at wedding

There is no sign at a wedding that says, ‘Restricted Zone: Derby and Oxford shoes only!’, and if that sign is there then you need to leave quickly because those people have no style and their marriage is doomed. With loose or tight pants, a good pair of sandals are a friend you need to pay more attention to. From slip-ons to a t-bar, which combines the best of sandals and closed shoes, you have many options. 

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