Get the Look: A$AP Rocky

He’s made speaking fashion his hip-hop flex and has the swag to match

A lover of designer threads who achieves his impeccable looks by mixing and matching casual style staples with high-end fashion pieces, A$AP Rocky may be the embodiment of Kanye West’s lyrics “before he speaks his suit bespoke”. Also known as the ‘Fashion Killa’ his no-frills-just-impact approach to style and immaculate attention to detail make him a true style icon.

His wardrobe may be built on a rockstar budget – and free gifts from designer brands here and there – but Rocky's way of taking risks while sticking to the basics is how his looks remain functional enough for the average dude on the street to take notes.

A$AP Rocky street style

“Glamour” is not a common style slant that men gravitate towards on the day-to-day, but showing out has truly never hurt anybody. This is a demonstration of how you can look all kinds of fancy, while doing the least. 


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Wearing bright colours can be as tricky as ever when you’re not sure where to optimise intensity and where to mute. The last thing you want is to end up looking like is a Rubik’s cube, so take note of how Flacko goes with one palette at a time and keeps everything else neutral. 

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The main key to A$AP Rocky’s faultless style is how right he gets his fit. Of course, he has an ideal shape that is easier to dress for, when you consider what's readily available, but he definitely tailors and so should you. Above is yet another exhibit of him making an otherwise basic combo look like a trillion bucks.

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